• Sodium Molybdate 99%min EXW China(-8000)  03-20|Ferro-molybdenum 60%min EXW China(-10000)  03-20|Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate 56%min EXW China(-10000)  03-20|Ammonium Heptamolybdate 54%min EXW China(-10000)  03-20|Molybdenum Conc. 45%min EXW China(-150)  03-20|Molybdenum Oxide 50%min EXW China(-150)  03-20|Nickel Ore Philippine 1.3%min CIF China(-1.5)  03-20|Lithium Metal 99%min Delivered China(-70000)  03-20|Nickel Ore Philippine 1.8%min CIF China(-3)  03-20|Lithium Metal 99.9%min Delivered China(-70000)  03-20|Ferro-molybdenum 60%min Delivered India(-100)  03-20|Nickel Ore Philippine 1.5%min CIF China(-2)  03-20|Ferro-molybdenum 60%min In warehouse Russia(-80)  03-20|Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate LiOH 56.5%min Delivered China(-10000)  03-20
  • WBMS: Global primary aluminum market records surplus of 203900t in Jan

    2023-03-17 16:09:54   【Print】
    According to the latest data released by the World Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS), in January 2023, the global production of primary aluminum totaled 5,778,400t, while the consumption totaled 5,574,500t, resulting in a supply surplus of 203,900t.
    Aluminum Ingot 99.7%min In warehouse Guangzhou
    China primary aluminum producers' suspension number statistics by province by month
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