• Ferro-molybdenum 60%min EXW China(10000)  02-03|Molybdenum Conc. 45%min EXW China(150)  02-03|Calcium Ingot Reductive 98%min EXW China(-500)  02-03|Cobalt Oxide 72%min Delivered China(-5)  02-03|Ferro-molybdenum 60%min In warehouse Russia(90)  02-03|Molybdenum Oxide 50%min EXW China(150)  02-03|Silico-chrome Si 42%min, Cr 30%min EXW China(300)  02-03|Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate 56%min EXW China(9000)  02-03|Sodium Molybdate 99%min EXW China(6000)  02-03|Ferro-molybdenum 60%min Delivered India(110)  02-03|Ammonium Heptamolybdate 54%min EXW China(9000)  02-03|Cobalt Metal 99.8%min In warehouse Rotterdam(-0.5)  02-03|Lithium Cobaltate Co 60%min Delivered China(-11)  02-03|Molybdenum Oxide 57%min CIF China(0.9)  02-03
  • CISA: Major steel mills' average daily pig iron output records over 1.8Mt in Mid-Nov

    2022-11-23 16:41:08   【Print】
    Statistics from China Iron & Steel Association (CISA) showed that, the major steel mills' output of pig iron totaled 18,132,800t in middle of November 2022, with the average daily output recording 1,813,300t, up by 0.Asian Metal Copyright23% from that in early November.Asian Metal Copyright23% from that in early November.
    .Asian Metal Copyright23% from that in early NovemberAsian Metal Copyright
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