• Cobalt Conc. 6-8% CIF China(-0.4)  08-08|Medium Plate Q235B 10mm In warehouse Guangzhou(130)  08-08|Nickel Cathode 99.96%min EXW China(-5400)  08-08|Nickel Cathode Norilsk 99.96%min In port China(-5400)  08-08|Holmium Oxide 99.5%min EXW China(-30)  08-08|Iron Ore Fine Australian 58% In port China(20)  08-08|Ferro-chrome Indian Cr 58%min, C 8%max CIF China(-0.03)  08-08|Ferro-chrome S.A. Cr 50%min, C 8%max CIF China(-0.03)  08-08|Ferro-holmium 80% EXW China(-30)  08-08|Steel Scrap HMS 8mm min EXW Wuxi(80)  08-08|Iron Ore Fine Brazilian 65%min In port China(25)  08-08|Iron Ore Lump Australian 62%min In port China(25)  08-08|Medium Plate Q235B 16mm In warehouse Guangzhou(120)  08-08|Iron Ore Fine 65%min EXW Benxi(-25)  08-08
  • Jiangsu Changqiang Steel to conduct 45-day maintenance of blast furnace from Jul 1

    2022-06-28 15:03:38   【Print】
    Jiangsu Changqiang Steel plans to carry out a 45-day maintenance on a 500m3 blast furnace from July 1, which is expected to affect the production of molten iron by 2,400tpd; from July 25, a 15-day maintenance for a high-quality bar rolling line will be carried out, which is expected to affect the output of φ50-130mm bar by about 45,000t.
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