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  • Tokyo Steel to raise product prices for next January

    2020-12-22 11:56:59   【Print】
    Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.Asian Metal Copyright Prices of H-shaped beams will go up by 12% to 93,000 yen a tonne.Asian Metal Copyright, Ltd.Asian Metal Copyright .Asian Metal Copyright, Japan's top electric-arc furnace steelmaker, said on Monday it would raise prices in January for all its steel products by 10,000 yen ($97) a tonne, or 11% to 16%, reflecting firmer overseas steel prices and lower local inventories.

    The move comes after the steelmaker hiked prices this month for all its steel products by up to 3.3%, including its main H-shaped beams.

    For January, prices for steel bars, including rebar, will be increased by 16% to 73,000 yen a tonne, while prices of U-shaped steel sheet piles will be raised by 11% to 105,000 yen a tonne. Prices of H-shaped beams will go up by 12% to 93,000 yen a tonne.

    The prices of steel products abroad have risen sharply due to a supply shortage while higher prices of steel-making raw materials have also forced steelmakers to raise prices, Tokyo Steel said in a statement.

    Japan's local market is also tightening, with improved activity in the construction industry and lower stockpiles in steel sheets, the company added, citing another reason for the price hike.

    .Asian Metal Copyright Prices of H-shaped beams will go up by 12% to 93,000 yen a tonneAsian Metal Copyright
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