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  • Northern Rare Earth and Xiamen Tungsten sign strategic cooperation framework agreement

    2022-08-17 15:17:15   【Print】
    Northern Rare Earth recently announced that on August 16, 2022 it signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Xiamen Tungsten.Asian Metal Copyright .Asian Metal Copyright According to the agreement, on condition that supply to its subsidiary companies and Baotou-based companies is ensured, Northern Rare Earth will prioritize monthly supply of PdNd metal, lanthanum metal and LaCe metal to Xiamen Tungsten related companies; on condition that supply to themselves is ensued, Xiamen Tungsten related companies will prioritize supply of heavy rare earth (including ferrodysprosium metal, terbium metal, ferrogadolinium metal, ferroholmium metal and special rare earth metals) to Northern Rare Earth related companies.

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