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May 21-22, 2018
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Business Visits

Asian Metal visits Yunnan Wenye Nonferrous Metal and Yunnan Muli Antimony Industry

On 22-23rd November, 2012, Annabella Xu, antimony market analyst of minor metal department from Asian Metal visited Yunnan Wenye Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Muli Antimony Industry Co.,ltd., two major antimony trioxide producers in Yunnan, and were warmly welcomed.
On November 22, Annabella Xu was picked up at the airport and driven to Yunnan Wenye Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. Mr. Liang Dakun, the general manager, and Mr. Chen Zengyong, the vice general manager of Yunnan Wenye Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. offered Annabella Xu a gracious reception and had lunch together. After the lunch, Mr. Liang Dakun and Mr. Li Zhengfu, the factory director showed Annabella Xu around their antimony smelters and introduced the company’s operation situation this year. Also, Mr. Liang Dakun exchanged his views about the future antimony market with Annabella.
Yunnan Wenye Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. was found in 1993 and its predecessor was Wenshan County Nonferrous Metal Smelter. The company, who got the import and export license in the same year, is an integrated enterprise with non-ferrous metal mining, smelting and sales. The company has a wholly-owned Guangnan Nadan antimony mine, Xichou County Xiaoxiban antimony mine and is a shareholder of a small hydropower station with 4200KWH; and the mine covers an area of 1.5 square kilometers, and has proven reserves of 75,000 tons of antimony metal.
On the evening of November 22, Mr. Liang has d his driver send Annabella to Yunnan Muli Antimony Industry Co.,ltd.. After arriving at Muli, Annabella was warmly welcomed by Mr. Chen Yue, the general manager, Mr. Lu Lei, vice general manager and the engineer Mr. Hou of the company, and then had supper with them as well as Mr. Xiao Fengyuan, the expert on mining from Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd..
On the morning of November 23, Mr. Lu lei and engineer Mr. Hou from Yunnan Muli Antimony Industry Co.,ltd. exchanged their views on the antimony market with Annabella Xu, and Mr. Chen Yue talked with Annabella about the demand changes, price trend and the impact of overseas antimony mining. Later, Mr. Lu Lei, engineer Hou and Ms. Luo Qi took Annabella Xu to the smelters of the company.
On the afternoon of November 23, Mr. Lu Lei, Mr. Deng Xuqing, the manager of import and export department, Mr. Chen Yongquan and Ms. Luo Qi from import and export department, and the accountant Ms. Zhang had supper with Annabella together. The two parts communicated about the antimony export situation. In view of the weakened international market demand this year, the company is turning their focuses to Chinese market.
Yunnan Muli Antimony Industry Co., Ltd., restructured from Wenshan Prefecture Muli Antimony Mine built in 1958, is a joint-stock enterprise integrating mining, ore dressing, smelting and product development. As one of the large renowned domestic antimony mines, the company is the largest export enterprise of antimony products in Yunnan, while its capacity, qualification and competitive strength are leading in the national antimony industry. It is the director unit of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and Antimony Sub-chamber of CCCMC, as well as the full-fledged member of International Antimony Association. The company has also been approved directly as “Qualified Enterprise for Export Supply of Antimony Products” by the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) and the Ministry of Commerce successively from 2001 to 2009.
Asian Metal
Asian Metal
From left to right: general manager of Yunnan Wenye Nonferrous Metal, Annabella Xu, Mr. Li Zhengfu, the factory director of Yunnan Wenye Nonferrous Metal
Yunnan Muli Antimony Industry Co.,ltd.