★ Strict environmental inspections in China lead to higher requirements on the production of refractory and abrasive companies
With environmental inspections which were merely seen in major regions in 2017 covering many industries around the whole country in 2018, China is paying more and more attention to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection currently, leading to the supply shortage of ores and other resources and continuously increased prices for refractory materials including magnesia, fused alumina, bauxite, silicon carbide and graphite. As the relationship between supply and demand in the refractory and abrasive markets changed, stocks of refractory and abrasive materials became to be limited in 2018 and prices generally remained at high levels. In the face of strict environmental protection policies, how should refractory and abrasive materials companies and downstream companies respond actively?
★ Will the limited mining of resources in China continue to affect the quality and supply of aluminum-based refractory materials?
Affected by policies on environmental protection and supply-side reform, both the output and quality of aluminum-based refractory materials have declined in recent years in China, but prices have risen sharply. Downstream companies have adjusted their production ratios and improved structures of raw materials to ensure product quality and control production costs. Will there be ideal substitutes of aluminum-based refractory materials?
★ Now that the integration of magnesite mines has been completed, will the "planned economy" adapt to the market?
Magnesia prices remained high in the Chinese market in 2018. During the year, Liaoning Magnesite Mining Co., Ltd. was officially established, marking the possibility that the magnesite industry in Haicheng, Liaoning may enter the "planned economy" era. The company will implement control on total magnesite volume in Haicheng, organize transactions based on the unified platform, strictly control exports of magnesite and collect ecological restoration funds, security deposits for operation and operating and management expenses. How about the magnesite market in 2019 and will the "planned economy" be implemented normally?
★ Will the coming of overseas refractory materials such as magnesia and graphite impact the Chinese market?
In 2018, the supply of refractory materials was tight in China and overseas ores began to enter the domestic market in small quantities. For example, magnesite from Russia and other countries began to flow into China during 2018. They did not have much impact on the Chinese market, but indicated that it's possible for overseas magnesite to enter the Chinese market. With the North Korean issue eased to some extent, will it be possible for North Korea to export magnesite to other countries? Meanwhile, more Chinese graphite producers started to purchase graphite ore in the international market, stimulating the mining volumes of graphite ore in Mozambique, Tasmania, Mauritius, Madagascar and other countries to increase gradually. Will the competition in Chinese graphite market be more competitive in 2019?
★ The demand in the international refractory material market changes
Against the backdrop of the changing situation in China, an important supply base for refractory material worldwide, will there be a new change in the demand for refractory material in the international market? How will international refractory material consumers respond? How should domestic and overseas refractory product companies respond to high prices of refractory material in China currently?
In view of your consistent support and trust, Asia Metal will hold the 7th International Refractories & Abrasives Summit in China from May 23rd to 24th, 2019. At that time, producers, traders, consumers and related people around the world will gather together to explore the development direction of the refractory material industry and make breakthroughs! As the host of the summit, Asian Metal sincerely invites you to join the summit!
Thursday May 23rd 16:00-19:00 Conference Registration
18:00-20:00 Buffet Dinner
Friday May 24th 08:30-09:00 Sign-in
09:00-09:10 Opening Speech
09:10-09:40 Application of Technical Standard in Quality Evaluation of Refractories during Production and Purchase
Sinosteel Luoyang Institude of Refractories Research (LIRR) Peng Xigao
09:40-10:10 Chinese Brown Fused Alumina's Status and Challenges in Refractory and Abrasive Industry
Guizhou Dazhong No.7 Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. Sales General Manager Li Xiangdong
10:10-10:40 Application of low-Na Products
Sanmenxia Yixiang Aluminum Co., Ltd. Vice Director in Charge of Production Su Xizhen
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:30 Analysis on the Development and Market of White Fused Alumina Industry
Shandong Bosheng New Materials Co., Ltd. General Maganer Miao Yalei
11:30-12:00 Development Tend for Magnesia in China in 2019 and Beyond
Liaoning Donghe New Material Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Sun Xizhong
12:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Development of Basic (Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon Brick) Plate Brick
Tangshan Strong Refractories Co., Ltd. Director from Technology Department Wei Heyi
14:30-15:00 Market Development and Outlook for Tabular Alumina
Shandong Taibeilier Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Huiyou
15:00-15:30 New Trends & solution for abrasive industry
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-16:30 Application and Development of Graphite Flake in Field of Refractories
Shimobang Scitec Co, CEO Liu Ronghua
16:30-17:00 Product Development and Application of Sichuan-Tibet Microcrystalline
Magnesite Puyang Refractories Group Co., Ltd. Tian Xiaoli
17:00-17:30 Seminar
18:00-20:00 Business Dinner
  • Sun Xizhong
    Deputy General Manager
    Liaoning Donghe New Material Co., Ltd.
  • Title: Development trend for magnesia in China in 2019 and beyond
    1.the status quo of magnesia market
    2.the development trend of magnesia market
    3.Challenges faced by magnesia producers and their countermeasures
  • Mr. Sun Xizhong was born in 1970. He graduated from Xi'an University of Metallurgy and Architecture in 1992, majoring in silicate engineering. In 2002, he obtained a master's degree in business administration from Dalian University of Technology.
  • From 1992 to 1995, he served as an engineer in the high-purity magnesia workshop in Yingkou Refractory Material Plant of Liaoning Magnesite Company.
  • From 1995 to 2000, he worked as the deputy general manager in Dashiqiao Jinhui Special Refractory Material Co., Ltd.
  • From 2000 to 2004, he was the deputy general manager of Liaoning Mayerton Refractories Co., Ltd.
  • From 2004 to 2009, he assumed the office of general manager in Yingkou Yongji Maige New Type Refractory Material Co., Ltd.
  • From 2009 to 2015, he served as the general manager in Haicheng Donghe Taidi Metallurgy Furnace Charge Co., Ltd.
  • He has served as the deputy general manager in Liaoning Donghe New Material Co., Ltd. since 2016.
  • Li Xiangdong
    Deputy General Manager
    Guizhou Dazhong No.7 Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Li began to work in 1984 and graduated from the Abrasives & Abrasive Tools Industry Worker University in 1990. He has served as a worker, technician, processing plant manager, smelter manager, deputy executive director of technical center, head of technical quality department, and technical deputy general manager in Guizhou Dazhong No.7 Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd.
  • He worked as a deputy general manager in White Dove Abrasives Co., Ltd. since 2014 and he also held a concurrent post as a manager in White Dove Ceramic Grinding Wheel Branch since December, 2015.
  • He has served as a deputy general manager in Guizhou Dazhong No.7 Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. since September, 2016.
  • Member of the Abrasives & Abrasive Tools Expert Committee
  • National registered auditor of the national industrial production permit
  • Member of the National Abrasives & Abrasives Tool Standard Committee and chairman of the General Abrasive Technology Branch Committee
  • Mr. Li was engaged in the research and application of brown fused alumina smelting and processing technology, production safety, and energy saving technology, and actively promoted them.
  • He was involved in the technical standardization of the industry and responsible for drafting the revision of national standard on bonded abrasive tools- grinding wheel steel balls and industry standard on chemical analysis method of Zirconium fused alumina.
  • He participated in the work of "Fused alumina and silicon carbide industry access conditions" of the Abrasives & Abrasive Tools Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association.
  • Zhang Huiyou
    Shandong Taibeilier Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
    Inventor and namer of Chinese calcined tabular alumina, "Father of Chinese tabular alumina"
  • Tabular alumina was introduced to Chinese market in 1980s. As the material was produced by overseas producers and sold at a high price, Chinese steel mills and producers of high-temperature refractories suffered difficulties and losses. In order to promote development of national industry and break the monopoly of foreign producers, China Iron and Steel Association and the Association of Chinese Refractories Industry put great emphasis on development of tabular alumina. According to the Eighth Five-year Plan and the Ninth Five-year Plan, a number of technical teams worked on this key topic, but they all failed to meet expectation due to technical issues. Both product performance and physicochemical indexes couldn’t satisfy relevant requirements.
  • In early 1990s, Zhang Huiyou became chief engineer of the project. After six-year of arduous attempts, he and his team successfully solved technical issues of calcined tabular alumina in 1997 and broke technical monopoly carried out by foreign countries in the past five decades. The product was approved by Shandong province as a scientific and technological achievement in July 1997. Since then, Chinese people are able to produce tabular alumina.
  • In the following decade, tabular alumina projects that adopt this technology increased dramatically.
  • By now, the technology has saved over RMB3 billion of foreign exchange for Chinese iron and steel industry and high-temperature refractories industry, significantly boosting development of these two industries. As the technology is highly appreciated by these industries, Zhang Huiyou is honored as "Father of Chinese tabular alumina".
  • Tian Xiaoli

    Puyang Refractories Group Co., Ltd.
  • Report title: Product development and application of Sichuan-Tibet microcrystalline magnesite
  • Ms Tian Xiaoli graduated from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology and got her doctoral degree there. She works in the Technology Center of Puyang Refractories Group Co., Ltd. currently and is mainly engaged in the research and development of products related to zirconium products and microcrystalline magnesite.
  • Wei Heyi
    Tangshan Strong Refractories Co., Ltd.
  • Main targets: Ladle slide gate bricks and converter slide gate bricks
  • Work Experience: Acted as institute director, head of technical service department, etc.; now works as the head of technology department, being in charge of technical work
  • Founded in 1943 as Tangsteel refractory plant, Tangshan Strong Refractories Co., Ltd. once produced the first batch of high alumina bricks in China and won the national engineering construction quality award. Now it has become a major large-scaled refractory producer in China and the largest slide gate bricks production base in both China and Asia.
  • Equipped with Laeis automatic hydraulic press HPF2500, Eirich R19 mixer, Shimadzu X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and other world-class facilities, the company has become a leading inspection and testing center in China.
  • The company provides eight types of products that are widely used in BOF, torpedo ladle, converter, EAF, ladle, tundish and other kilns and furnaces. In particular, ladle slide gate bricks and converter slide gate bricks are key products with excellent performance. These two products are sold to HBIS, Ansteel, Shougang, Baogang and other Chinese users and exported to 19 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
  • With the core idea of excellent quality and service, the company takes customer satisfaction as the permanent and ultimate goal. The company is willing to create a bright future by cooperating with friends from all industries.
  • Liu Ronghua
    ShimobangScitec Co
  • With a Master degree, Mr.LiuRonghua works as the CEO ofShimobangScitec Co, focusing on the research and consulting of graphite carbon material industry chain. The industry includes graphite ore, natural graphite, needle coke, graphite anode material, graphene, isostatic pressing formed graphite, graphite electrode, silicon-based anode material, synthetic diamond, etc.
  • Peng Xigao
    Director of Industry Service Center
    Sinosteel Luoyang Institude of Refractories Research (LIRR)
  • Doctor, Professor-level Senior Engineer, Director of Industry Service Center of Sinosteel Luoyang Institude of Refractories Research (LIRR), Chief Editor of Refractories magazine, Secretary-General of National Technical Committee on Refractory Materials of Standardization Administration of China.
  • Mainly in charge of the editing of Refractories magazine, standardization of refractories, research on measurement technique of refractories, etc; directed and completed more than 10 international and national standards revision projects including "Refractory products - Determination of resistance to abrasion at high temperature", "Refractory products - Test method of creep in compression", "Refractory products - Determination of refractoriness-under-load - Differential method with rising temperature", "Refractory products - Determination of modulus of rupture at elevated temperatures". More than 20 technical articles published.
  • Abhijit Kurundwadkar
  • Mr. Abhijit Kurundwadkar is a graduate Mechanical Production Engineer from the University of Pune – India and an MBA from the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok - Thailand. Abhijit has diverse Sales & Marketing experience across various industrial products ranging from Capital Goods to Industrial Consumables. Abhijit experience includes Sales & Product Management activities within International premises. Abhijit has actively worked in the Asian & African markets and is currently the Global Head of S&M with CUMI Minerals.
  • Xizhen Su
    Vice Director in charge of production
    Director of Production & Operation Department

    Sanmenxia Yixiang Aluminum Co., Ltd.
  • 2004.7-2009.10 Yixiang Aluminum Technical Department, technician
  • 2009.10-2016.7 Yixiang Aluminum Dissolution Workshop, Workshop Director
  • 2016.7-2018.4 Yixiang Aluminum Evaporation Workshop, Workshop Director
  • Since April 2018 Yixiang Aluminum Production & Operation Department, Vice Director in charge of production
  • Miao Yalei
    General Manager
    Shandong Bosheng New Materials Co., Ltd.
Steel Market Development Expectations
Intensive mining and utilization of Chinese magnesite resources
Status of Supply and Demand for High-grade Magnesia in Europe
Application Status and Challenges of Chinese Brown Fused Alumina in Refractory and Abrasive Industries
Demand and Development Status of Brown Fused Alumina and Silicon Carbide in India
Status and Development Prospects of Chinese White Fused Alumina Market
Application and Market Capacity Expectation of Tabular Alumina in High Temperature Resistant Materials Field
Production Status and Development Trend of Refractory Bauxite in China
Impact of Pet Coke on Silicon Carbide Production
Recycling and Application Status & Market Prospects of Refractory Materials
Application Status and Development Trend of Graphite Products
(The topics will be based on the final summit schedule)
International participants:
  Pay at the Venue
AM members USD2,280
Non-members USD2,480

Please remit registration fee to the following account:
Account name: Asian Metal Ltd
Account number: 338956010219
Swift Code: BKCH CN BJ 110
Bank: Bank of China Beijing Guang Hua Lu Sub-Branch, 1/F Haiguan Building,
10 Guanghua Road, Beijing China

1) Representatives are advised to fill in registration form and pay registration fee ahead of time.
2) With receipt of both registration form and registration fee, the registration process is considered complete. Upon completion, the registrant will have access to representative card and meeting documents.
3) Cancellation must be made by a written notice: all registration fee will be refunded if notice is issued 4 weeks before the date of the conference; 50% of registration fee will be refunded if the notice is sent 2 weeks ahead; while no fee will be refunded in other conditions; an administration fee of 10% will be charged in the cases above.
4) Force majeure such as war, natural disaster, natural calamities, epidemic and administrative order, committee will return fees and the contract will be discharged automatically. Then all parties are released from their obligations.
--Domestic and overseas producers, traders and consumers for fused alumina, magnesia, bauxite, silicon carbide and graphite
--Logistics companies and related equipment manufacturers
--Refractory products producers
--Related raw material institutions

Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao

一、Hotel brief introduction
Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao is superbly situated right in the heart of the city’s central business district, making business a breeze when in Qingdao, and is also invitingly convenient for an array of shopping and seafront tourist attractions. The hotel comprises 702 guest rooms, located in the City Wing and Valley Wing respectively.
Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao, presents 702 guest rooms and suites exuding contemporary Asian flair and furnished in warm and soothing hues. Each room is enhanced by outstanding views of the city or sea. Enjoy indulgent beds and deluxe bathrooms equipped with luxury amenities to ensure a restful stay.
Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao’s comprehensive facilities include 13 versatile function rooms and two extraordinary ballrooms, ensuring the perfect setting for any business meeting, seminar or conference.
二、Hotel Location
Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao ’s located in the downtown area, and only 40 minutes' drive from the airport, 30 minutes from Qingdao north railway station and 16 minutes from Qingdao railway station. It’s also closed to the Financial and Government District, as well as tourist attractions and the seafront.
Address: No.9 Hong Kong Mid-Road, Qingdao, China
三、Hotel reservation
1. Shangri-La Hotel upplies special room offers for all Summit attendees.Please book hotel in time, as room supply is limited.
Room Type and Preferential Price
City Wing Deluxe Single Room - RMB750nett with one daily breakfast
City Wing Deluxe Double Room - RMB750nett with two daily breakfasts
2. Notes:
1. Meetings' representatives book rooms by yourselves at your own expenses
2. Details for room reservation:
Click the following URL to book rooms: click here
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3. Rooms are limited and the specific accommodation is subject to the reservation confirmation.
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