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May 27-28, 2021
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April 15-16, 2021
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May 21-22, 2018
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Business Visits

Asian Metal visits some Shanxi-based magnesium ingot producers

Ms. Zhang Jieyu, magnesium market analyst and Ms. Li Xin, manager of marketing department from Asian Metal visited some Shanxi-based magnesium ingot plants during August 8 to 10, 2012.
On the afternoon of August 8, Ms. Zhang Jieyu, magnesium market analyst and Ms. Li Xin from Asian Metal visited Taiyuan Yiwei Magnesium Co., Ltd. Ms. Shen Huiling, sales director of the company warmly received the visitors, and communicated with them on the present situation of magnesium market. Ms. Shen expressed that frequent changes of magnesium ingot price caused participants to feel hesitant and helpless regarding the future market, and facing the export market which is filled with low-priced products, the company found very hard to make any progress while they used to occupy some market shares in export busines.
Taiyuan Yiwei Magnesium Co., Ltd, founded in May, 1994 with a staff of over 4,000 currently, is a large domestic manufacturer for magnesium and its related products. The company owns 13 professional magnesium producing plants, two professional magnesium alloy producing plants, one magnesium powder plant, one desulfurizer processing plant, producing 134,000tpy of magnesium ingot, 18,000tpy of magnesium alloy and 10,000tpy of magnesium powder with main products including pure magnesium ingot, powder, scraps, desulfurizer, alloy scraps, original bars magnalium, etc. of all specifications as well as reduction pot serving for magnesium producing.
Soon afterwards, Asian Metal visited Shanxi Pan Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Wen Tao, marketing director of the company pointed out a bright future of magnesium industry despite a long and rugged way ahead considering existing obstacles currently. Pan Metal Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanxi Jinyang Coal and Coke (Group) Co., Ltd which was founded in 1990 and now becomes a comprehensive enterprise group engaging in multiple industries including coal, coking, magnesium, machining, hotel service, etc.
Ms. Zhang Jieyu and Ms. Li Xin visited Shengjin Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd in Xiaoyi and talked with Mr. Liu Yongku, the chairman as well as Mr. Ren Fu, the general manager of the company on the morning of August 9. Both sides discussed the market trend and exchanged ideas about how price would change in the future. Mr. Liu Yongku supported Asian Metal to hold the Minor Metals Summit 2012 in Sanya, Hainan during Oct 24-26. Shengjin Magnesium Co., Ltd., located at north Xishan Village, Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province, is a registered metallurgical enterprise producing magnesium ingot approved by related national department. The company has established long-term partnerships with many enterprises as it follows the motto of “Client and honesty come first.”
Ms. Zhang Jieyu and Ms. Li Xin also visited Dongyi Coal & Electricity & Aluminum Group Co., Ltd and Mr. Mu Jinyao, the vice general manager of the company received Asian Metal on the same day. Mr. Mu is filled with confidence and anticipations in the bright future trends of magnesium market. Founded in June, 2000, the company was entitled with “Enterprise reaching environmental protection goals” approved by local environmental protection bureau in March, 2002. It got the International quality system certification of standard ISO9002 through efforts of the whole staff and the company claims “to create a brand of world class, to become the tenth magnesium plant of ten thousand tons grade in China”, while the general magnesium plant has basically reached the goal with an annual production of 18,000t, a revenue of RMB230 million per year, contributing RMB58 million of taxes. The plant has nine reduction workshops, three manufacturing workshops, three calcined dolomite workshops and two refining workshops with a staff of 880 currently.
On the morning of August 10, Ms. Zhang Jieyu and Ms. Li Xin visited Shanxi Meijin Magnesium Alloy Co., Ltd. Mr. Niu Jianquan, the president of the company received the visitors and communicated with them about the present situation of magnesium market. Mr. Niu expressed his doubts of whether the price of magnesium ingot would keep on a downtrend. Magnesium ingot supply will keep tight in a short time affected deeply by the yields and the supply chain of magnesium metal, but the limited stock will restrain the decreasing magnesium ingot price despite low demand. The company mainly engages in magnesium ingot and coke, etc, managing with integrity, generosity and excellent services to win clients.
Asian Metal
Shen Huilin,Sales Manager in Taiyuan Yiwei Magnesium Co., Ltd. Zhang Jieyu, Magnesium market analyst in Asian Metal