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Nanshan Tourism Zone of Buddhism Culture is a unique Buddhism Culture tourism zone with an area of 50 square kilometers, including a sea area of more than 10 square km. The total cost for the construction of Nanshan Tourism Zone of Buddhism Culture will be 6 billion yuan (about 857 million dollars).
The biggest amazement you will view in the Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park is the 108-meter, three-aspect Bodhisattva Guanyin statue standing on a huge lotus-shaped platform on the sea. It is the tallest statue of Guanyin and the third tallest statue in the world. One side of the statue faces the coast and the other two face the sea. This represents the blessing of Guan Yin extend to the whole world. One aspect depicts Guan Yin cradling a sutra in the left hand and gesturing the Vitarka Mudra with the right, the second with her palms crossed, holding a string of prayer beads, and the third holding a lotus.
Tianyahaijiao is probably the most famous scenic spot on Hainan Island. It is located at the southwest seaside of Sanya. Literally it means the end of sky and the rim of the sea in Chinese and it is geographically on the south tip of the tropical Ultima Thule of China. It covers a land area of 10.4 square kilometers and a sea area of 6 square kilometers. Standing on the huge rocks on the beach, you can see the fantastic southern coastal scenery: the blue sea, the azure sky, the white waves and the yachts on the ocean in the distance. Scattering along the silvery beach are numerous rocks of various sizes and shapes. The most representative spot, where you can see a giant rock with Chinese characters meaning the end of sky and another on with Chinese characters meaning the rim of the sea, is 3 kilometers away from the entrance of the Tianyahaijiao Park.
Wuzhizhou Island, which is 2.7 kilometers off the coast of Linwang town, is located near the Haitang Bay. The distance between the downtown area of Sanya to this place is about 30 kilometers. If you are living in a hotel in Yalong Bay, you are just 5 kilometers away from this fabulous island.The butterfly-shaped island is about 1.48 square kilometers with a coastal line of 5.7 kilometers. Tropical plants, among which are some very ancient ones, flourish on this verdant island.
The West Island (Xi Dao Island) is located within the Sanya Bay National Protection Zone. It covers an area of 2.8 square kilometers. There are about 3,000 inhabitants and fisherman living on the island. The island is 8 kilometers away from Sanya. Tourists can embark on a yacht and after 25 minutes they will be on the island. Being quite far off the shore and city, the island boasts gorgeously clean sea water, good air quality, fascinating scenery, soft beach. There are a lot of pristine coral reefs around the island. You can also find colorful tropical fish living in the marine ecosystem around the island.