World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2014

May 28-30, 2014 Yantai, China

Asian Bauxite and Nickel Ore Investment & Trading Summit 2013

September 23-25, 2013 Bali, Indonesia

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2013

May 15-17, 2013 Xining, China

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2012

May 9-11, 2012 Taiyuan, China

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2011

May 18-20, 2011 Luoyang, China

World Alumina Forum 2010

May 13-14, 2010 Qingdao, China
-- Report on Chinese economic growth in 2015
-- Chinese alumina market development in 2015 and bauxite supply analysis
-- Chinese demand for imported alumina and price movement in 2015
-- Chinese primary aluminum progress in Xinjiang and problems ahead
-- Report on Chinese domestic aluminum fluoride market and export analysis
-- Carbon anode growth in Shandong province and China’s overall supply & demand
-- Chinese primary aluminum market development in 2015
-- Introduction to alumina progress in Shandong province and analysis on demand for imported bauxite
-- Promotion for Malaysian bauxite project
-- Indian bauxite development and export introduction
-- Promotion for Australian bauxite project
-- Introduction to alumina refinery investment in Indonesia
-- Bauxite promotion from other countries