World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2014

May 28-30, 2014 Yantai, China

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September 23-25, 2013 Bali, Indonesia

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2013

May 15-17, 2013 Xining, China

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May 13-14, 2010 Qingdao, China
End of Summit
6th World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2015 concludes successfully.
The 6th World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit held by Asian Metal came to a successful conclusion on 21 May 2015. The summit mainly centered around primary aluminum and its materials including bauxite, alumina, aluminum fluoride and carbon. There were around 240 delegates from more than ten countries including China, Malaysia, Australia, the UK, India, Russia, Ghana, Singapore and France.
Enterprises attending the summit included primary aluminum smelters, such as Shandong Xinfa Group, Anteisin Group, Xinheng Aluminum, Gansu Dongxing Aluminum, Henan Shenhuo Aluminum, Henan Wanji Aluminum, Inner Mongolia Huomei Hongjun Aluminum & Power and Xinjiang Join World Aluminum. Mr. Xu Beiyuan, Executive President of Xinheng Aluminum and Mr. Chang Zhenli, General Manager of Xinjiang Join World Metallurgical Co., Ltd. made presentations on the Chinese aluminum market at the summit.
Representatives from many Chinese alumina refineries also attended the summit, for example, Shandong Lubei Enterprises Group, Shandong Wudi Qixing High-tech Aluminum, Chalco Shandong, Guizhou Huajin Aluminum, Henan Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminum, CPI Shanxi Aluminum and Inner Mongolia Datang Energy Co., Ltd. Mr. Yin Zhonglin, director of the Alumina Research Department at the Chalco Zhengzhou Institute, and Mr. Ron Knapp, Secretary General of the International Aluminum Institute, delivered reports on alumina and bauxite at the summit.
In order to help Chinese alumina refineries and investors access additional bauxite resources and opportunities, Asian Metal invited around 51 bauxite company owners and traders from 12 countries worldwide, including: Aras Kuasa Sdn. Bhd., Spring Energy Sdn Bhd, OTS Mining, Kang Da Resources Sdn Bhd, OM Cahaya Mineral Asia Berhad, Y&C Earthwork Sdh. Bhd from Malaysia; Metro Mining, Xbauxi and Rio Tinton from Australia; Top International Holdings from Singapore; and Pengtai International Trade from China. Rusal also attended the summit, aiming to promote its bauxite projects in Guinea and Guyana.
Alcoa, Hydro and Glencore also joined the event. Meanwhile, many shipping companies were also present at the summit, including Winning Group, C. Steinweg Logistics, Huaya Shipping, Samsun Logix, and S-lord Marine. Qingdao Port, Yantai Port and Lianyungang Port, as well as Jinan Railway Bureau also attended.
Aluminum fluoride producers, such as Yizhang Hongyuan Chemicals and Jiaozuo Weilai Aluminum, together with carbon producers like Shandong Chenyang Carbon, likewise attended the summit.
Thanks for all your support and trust. Asian Metal will continue to organize the valuable international Aluminum Raw Materials Summit in the future.
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Ron Knapp, Secretary General of International Aluminum Institute
Yin Zhonglin, Director of Alumina Research Division from Chalco Zhengzhou Research Institute
Xu Beiyuan, Executive President of Xinheng Aluminum Co., Ltd.
China's primary aluminum ingot output statistics by month
China’s aluminum fluoride export volume statistics by month
Chang Zhenli, General Manager of Xinjiang Joinworld Metallurgical Construction Engineer Co., Ltd.
Yang Huibin, Director of Alumina Research Department of Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd
Li Junfeng, Deputy General Manager of Yizhang Hongyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Xu Maili, Research Supervisor of Ever Bright Futures Co., Ltd.
China’s imported bauxite consumption volume statistics by month
China’s imported bauxite inventory statistics by month
Vinod Sood, President of International Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium Society
Yu Yiru, Director of Research Department of Shandong Chenyang Carbon Co., Ltd.
Simon Finnis , CEO of Metro Mining Limited
Chin Yu Ming, Assistant Manager of Y&C Earthwork Sdh Bhd
China’s bauxite import volume statistics by major country by month
China's alumina output statistics by month
Cao Fangliang, General Manager of Qingdao Port International Dagang Co., Ltd.
Craig Thomson, Partner of Xbauxi Pty Ltd
Alexander Zotov, Managing Partner of Eurasian Resources
Yves Occello, General Manager of AMBER DEVELOPMENT
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