Support Unit
  • Bao Wendong
  • President
  • Yunnan Lincang Xinyuan Germanium Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Bao Wendong has been engaged in research and operating management of germanium metal smelting and germanium products for a long time and has accumulated rich practical experience. He has participated in drafting state standard and industrial standard of germanium for several times and was titled “excellent private entrepreneur of China” by China Private Economy Institute in 2004. In 2006, Bao Wendong was titled “entrepreneur star” by Yunnan Agriculture Department, Yunnan Labor and Social Security Department, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and Rural Department of Development Research Center of the State Council. He was titled “Top 100 industrial entrepreneurs of Yunnan” by the People’s Government of Yunnan in 2008, “the eleventh excellent entrepreneur of Yunnan” by Yunnan Association of Undertakings and Yunnan Entrepreneur Association in 2009. Dongxing Group, established by Bao Wendong, was listed as one of Top 100 private enterprises of Yunnan by the People’s Government of Yunnan in 1998, and got many rewards from governments at all levels. Bao was titled “Innovation Pioneer of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises” by Association of Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2010.
  • Christian Hell
  • Technical Director
  • Photonic Sense GmbH
  • Christian graduated from the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg and has a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. He joined Photonic Sense in 2004 and has mainly been focused on material analytics and the Czochralsky crystal growing process.
  • Photonic Sense is dedicated to manufacturing highest quality germanium and silicon material and precision components for infrared optics applications. Their advanced production and measuring technologies and equipment guarantee consistent and cost effective processes and outstanding product quality. As a reliable and flexible partner they help customers to increase their production efficiency with short lead times, support of Kanban principles and high precision blanks to save manufacturing cost.
  • Chai Weiping
  • Professor/director
  • Photoelectric material and component research institute of Dalian Jiaotong University
  • Chai Weiping, professor and doctoral advisor, is a committee member of Liaoning heat treatment society as well as China’s instrument society. He has specialized in research and development as well as engineering of thin film sputtering technology for panel displayer and transparent conducting thin film since 1997 and established materials physics and chemistry specialty of Dalian Jiaotong University in 2004 to cultivate professional talents of thin film materials and techniques. Mr. Chai found photoelectric material and component research institute in 2006 to research base and application of optoelectronics industry and meet urgent needs, and his graduate students were awarded provincial excellent doctor or master thesis as well as postgraduate national scholarship. He also focused on research and development of TCO, especially engineering of high density ITO. Pilot scale test of ITO has been accepted by the largest STN-LCD glass producer in China in late 2012, and mass production may be employed or trial in TFT-LCD industry in 2013.
  • Yang Lihong
  • Researcher/deputy chief engineer
  • Shanghai solar battery R&D center
  • Yang Lihong, has been specializing in research of metal matrix new energy materials as well as innovation surface of steel and functional film, was engaged in researching metal matrix functional film and innovation surface research in German Max Planck Institute (MPI) from October, 2002 to May, 2005 and was introduced by Baosteel Group to research and develop products as well as industrialization of continuous strip steel vacuum coating as director researcher in June, 2005. Ms. Yang served as deputy chief engineer and researcher in Shanghai solar battery R&D center in November, 2010 and began to specialize in research and development of continuous strip steel vacuum coating technique and metal matrix functional material as well as metal matrix new energy material, especially research as application as well as fundamental research of key techniques of industrialization for CIGS with the goal of related metal matrix surface products like realization of CIGS thin film battery industrialization. She has published more than thirty of theses, applied eight invention patents, made more than ten reports as invited speaker in international conferences and ever organized one international conference. She won the third prize of metallurgy and science technology award from China Iron and Steel Association and Chinese Society for Metals in 2006, and she has accomplished research and development of many strip steel vacuum coating industrialization prototypes. With rich experience of industrialization projects, she has taken charge of research and development projects with over RMB150 million of funds.
  • Jiangying
  • Senior business manager
  • Umicore Metals International Trade Shanghai Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangying serves as senior business manager of EOM China of Umicore, the first metal and materials group globally, and he has almost ten years of global noble metal selling, purchasing and managing experience. Mr. Jiang led TFP team and realized the first million dollars of sales in 2007. He established the office of Umicore in Chengdu in 2010 and developed western market with over USD30 million of sales and procurement, lifting market share of the company by 30%. In 2011, Jiangying was invited to join in the journey of West China by Belgian crown prince. He led EOM team to expand the market and overcome difficulties in 2012 and gained long-term cooperation plan from Chinese well-known enterprises to export products to Europe and North America in large amounts, enabling the company to become top 1000 enterprises with large-scale and various kinds of products in the world. Mr. Jiang begins to recover and smelt germanium in China in 2013 and enhances Umicore’s businesses in the whole Asian-Pacific region.
  • Kirk W. Johnson
  • Asia Business Development Manager
  • Indium Corporation
  • Indium Corporation was founded in 1934 in Utica New York and Manufactures and Supplies the Compound Semiconductor, Solar and Electronics Assembly Industry.
  • Kirk is currently responsible for Market Analysis, Marketing and Sales of Metals, Compounds and Solar Materials in Asia. Kirk has 32 years experience in The Specialty Chemical Sector and has held Executive positions in Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing for Multi-National Corporations in USA and Asia, supplying the Electronics and Pharmaceutical Markets.
  • Yang Guohong
  • Vice president & general manager of production department
  • Kunming Transasia Non-ferrous Metal Exchange
  • Graduated from Renmin University of China,Yang Guohong has worked for many years in many domestic well-known enterprises, including Shenzheng Jindie Software International Group and Searainbow Holding Pharmaceutical E-commerce Company. She has abundant experience of financial management, company management and research of non-ferrous metal industry for over 10 years and has recommended numerous financial elites and professionals of non-ferrous metal industry for domestic and overseas multinational companies. She was rewarded "Top ten influential people of capital management in 2012" by the third China's enterprises experts of financial and capital management.
  • Christophe Murez
  • Business Line Manager
  • Umicore
  • Christophe joined Umicore in 1999 after obtaining his master degree from Solvay Business School in Brussels, Belgium. He has held several positions at Umicore in Finance, Product Management, Global Sales prior to becoming the Business Line Manager for Large Area Coating. Christophe left Belgium in 2002, and has since held various assignments in Liechtenstein and Hong Kong. Currently he is based in Providence, Rhode Island, the manufacturing center of Umicore’s ITO targets and the headquarter of his current business segment.