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Both the indium and germanium markets have experienced great turbulence in supply and demand in the last year. Over the past year, the Chinese government has made a number of purchases for its strategic metals stockpile which sent shockwaves throughout the marketplace with significant price appreciation the result. After a year when end-users drew down stock levels and lived on low safety stock levels, should demand return this year? Will prices further gain? How will producers set production targets in the near-term and what is the changing face of procurement in the world today? How will protracted global financial difficulties impact on the dynamics of the market and will deep budget cuts have a detrimental effect on the advancement of downstream sectors?
The 6th Asian Metal International Indium & Germanium Forum will be held in May in 2013 and will bring together under one roof, influential market players, governmental officials, industry intelligence leaders and supply-chain experts, with the aim to address these issues and to provide a platform for all market participants to exchange opinions and pinpoint the market’s short-to-long-term direction with exquisite commentary and profound understanding.
Held in Kunming in China, the 2013 International Indium and Germanium Forum promises to be the most intimate and all inclusive meeting of the year. With Asian Metal’s extensive coverage in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, nowhere else will there be as many of the world’s Indium and Germanium market participants in one place.