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In-depth analysis of germanium industry, current situations, and prospects
Global germanium metal prices sang songs and rushed to its peak in recent few years in the second half 2012. However, the global economy and its recession weigh on the germanium industry. Continuous weak demand of downstream sectors is a key factor leading to a stagnant market. To avoid the risks brought on by uncertainties of economy, users in the European and American markets prefer to delay procurement; Chinese users are unwilling to buy at the current high price level as well, while buying activities in Chinese and overseas markets are limited. Entering a new year, could the global economy be revived successfully and bring good news to the germanium market? As more and more nations cast their sights on the aviation and aerospace, as well as reformations and improvements of military equipments, could germanium market welcome a bright future? Will new breakthroughs be seen since China is devoting itself to push forward the FTTH and the integrations of telecommunications, broadcasting, and internet? Will demand from downstream industry encounter a “spring” and give life to stimulate the germanium market for the better?
Indium market exploitations and future demand
International indium market had little vitality in 2012: end-users lacked enthusiasm to make purchases; dim deals were concluded in the spot market. China State Reserve Bureau making strategic stockpiled prevented the market from going down further. Because of the territory disputes between China and Japan, relationships between the two nations are sensitive. Will Japanese buyers transfer to other markets to seek new suppliers? Global demand of panel display will increase in the long term, which will encourage indium market be back on track? CIGS is regarded as the future star; will it make contributions to the indium market ascent in 2013? Will the semiconductor industry continue to make persistent efforts to bring new hopes to the sector?
Insightful analysis of indium and germanium exchange effect
Entering 2012, indium and germanium electronic exchange rose rapidly, bringing deep effect to the indium and germanium market. As the electronic exchange scale grows continually, will the traditional procurement and sales pattern be touched? Why do more and more people cast their sights on electronic exchanges? Can indium and germanium electronic exchanges help corporations avoid risks successfully and promote the real economy to develop faster and healthily?