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“2012 International Magnesium Forum” was held by Asian Metal in Xi’an, Shaangxi on March 28-30. Nearly 150 representatives from home and abroad attended the conference.
Firstly, the conference facilitator Chen Ruihong made an opening speech when the conference began at 9:00 am on Mar 28. Secondly, Werner Lyashynsky, the General Manager of Austrian Magnesium Metal Company delivered a speech on risks and costs in current magnesium market as well as how to control and reduce risks in supply.
Then Zhu Zhiwei, the manager of trade department of Tianlong Magnesium Industry Co. Ltd in Yulin, discussed the current situation of original magnesium market and gave the speech of “Review and Outlook for Original Magnesium Market”. Original magnesium output in China has amounted over 50% of the output globally since 2002. The ratio has been lifting steadily since then and it surpasses 80% at present, which owes to abundant reserves of magnesium and coal as well as relatively low cost on human resource. China is competitive in original magnesium cost in the world. However, current state of Chinese original magnesium market runs in a bad shape. When domestic oversupply meets export barrier, competitions between newly-emerged and mature enterprises from different areas became more and more fierce. Enterprises located in places with bigger yields and lower cost of coal have more advantages in cost as magnesium production relies heavily upon coal. That is why enterprises in Shaanxi and Xinjiang rise up in this industry. Due to low magnesium consumption and fierce competition in the industry, the overall margin level has decreased to a relatively low point compared to that of previous years. Enterprises in some areas even have run in the red for a long time. Main reasons for the bad situation are because of market disorder and sluggish downstream demand. We should do our utmost to solve these problems and anticipate a better outlook of magnesium market. Shaanxi Magnesium Association asked local plants to offer magnesium ingot price at RMB16,500/t to ensure original magnesium producers have enough margin room. However, we worry about the current price policy due to various downstream feedbacks towards it.
It is necessary to exploit downstream market regarding the low demand for original magnesium. Atul Malhotra, the global procurement director of George Fischer Auto Group, analyzed both opportunities and challenges in the application of magnesium in European auto industry during which process various problems would emerge. Different countries’ policies and cast consumption would become the major obstacles to magnesium market, which is extreme promising if these problems are fixed.
The application of magnesium alloy in hub is also a hot topic nowadays. Quan Gaofeng from lighter weight of transportation equipments research institution of Xi’an Transportation University explained magnesium alloy hub shaped by swaging with super plasticity. Lighter weight for transportation equipments in order to reduce weight, improve efficiency and save energy has become a prevailing trend in current market with lighter weight in hub as a main factor to promote the development of vehicles. Magnesium alloy is the best material for lighter weight of vehicles manufacturing with its qualities including high strength, good plasticity, impact resistance and environment adaptability.
In the afternoon, Ding Weinan, president of Shanxi Jinshuihe Metal Material Co., Ltd, gave a talk about AJ magnesium alloy standard substance development and got conclusion. The chemical composition designed for spectral analysis standard substance of Ai magnesium alloy is reasonable and it consists of most of the composition. It also employs impurity elements (Cu、Ni、Fe、Si、Be、Ca) and confirms the normalized value of Al、Zn、Mn、Cu、Ni、Fe、Si、Be、Ca、Sr. The normalized value can be widely used and is easy to popularize. With uniformity test and stability inspection, the standard composition is qualified.
Then the research and development manager of Magontec Xi’an Co., Ltd., Zhen Zisheng talked about the chance and challenge of employing rare earth magnesium alloy in auto industry. The manager analyses supply and demand status of rare earth magnesium alloy and discusses chance and challenge existing in following development.
Cao Jianyong, president of Chongqing Boao Mg-Al Manufacturing Co., Ltd commented on magnesium alloy application status and future trend in motors. As a new emerging metal material, magnesium alloy has such advantages as low weight, high specific strength, minor modulus of elasticity, well shock absorption as well as good process ability, heat-conducting property and electromagnetic shielding. This gives magnesium alloy propriety of being used in motors.
At last, vice president of Shanxi Yinguang Huasheng Magnesium gave a talk about application of magnesium alloy hub. According to bottlenecks of aluminum alloy hub application, the vice president figured out advantages of magnesium alloy hub and introduced hub application status of the company. Magnesium metal has such advantages as low weight, better heat-conducting property and metal property compared with aluminum metal. Previous usage of magnesium metal focused on war industry and aerospace; but now it is also introduced to civil use by domestic research institutes. It is no doubt that magnesium alloy hub will lead the trend with low cost and advanced technology in next few years.
The honored guests expressed their views and opinions on current magnesium market and its future development. At 5 p.m. of Mar 29, the International Magnesium Forum, held by Asian Metal and sponsored by Yulin Tianlong Magnesium Co., Ltd., Shanxi Credit Magnesium Co., Ltd. and Qinghai SunGlow Magnesium Co., Ltd. lowered curtain successfully.
Asian Metal has held many minor metal forum and summit successfully and got positive support and cooperation from fellow industries. We thank you sincerely. We will try to do better with passion as always and professional spirit and let's meet again in next International Magnesium Forum.
Remag Metallhandel Gmbh, General Manager, Werner Jaschinsky
Yulin Tianlong Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd., Manager, Zhiwei Zhu
Georg Fischer Automotive (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Global Procurement Director, Atul Malhotra
Southwest Jiaotong University, Professor, Gaofeng Quan
Shanxi Jinshuihe Metal Material Co., Ltd., President, Weinan Ding
Magontec Xi’an Co., Ltd.,RandD Manager, Dr Zisheng Zhen
Chongqing Boao Mg-Al Manufacturing Co., Ltd., President, Jianyong Cao
Shanxi Yinguang Huasheng Magnesium Co., Ltd., Vice General Manager, Zongkun Wang