World Cobalt Forum 2010

Apr 1-2  Changsha, China

World Indium Forum 2010

Apr 7-8  Beijing, China

World Germanium Forum 2010

Apr 8-9  Beijing, China

Rare Earth Summit 2010

Apr 22-23  Beijing, China

Ferroalloys Summit 2010

Apr 28-30  Beijing, China

World Alumina Forum 2010

May 13-14  Qingdao, China

World Bismuth Forum 2010

May 18-19  Changsha, China

Lead & Zinc Summit 2010

May 19-21  Changsha, China

World Tungsten Forum 2010

Jun 21-22  Nanchang, China

World Zirconium Forum 2010

Jun 24-25  Qingdao, China

World Selenium Forum 2010

Jul 1-2  Nanning, China

Manganese Summit 2010

Jul 1-2  Nanning, China
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With the global economy recovering slowly in the second half of 2009, metals get on a firm footing on the high liquidity, weakening US dollar and the strengthening sentiment among investors. Most companies in lead and zinc fields have turned loss into gain in the second half of 2009 and the production keeps increasing gradually.

Both lead and zinc prices rising strongly but the demand recovers slowly. How long can the bullish movements of the metals last with the speculative buying from investors? China will continue to close down the backward production smelters and integrate mining resources, so how the policies will impact on lead and zinc markets?

The futures contract of lead will be launched in China, have you prepared for it?The prediction on the economy growth in China in 2010 is still positive, so the demand for metals may increase further. Will lead ingot market continue to firm up strongly in 2010? Participants expect 2010 to be the spring of steel industry. Will zinc market continue its bullish performance or retreat to its fundaments. How long will the easy monetary conditions prevail? How far is inflation away from us? This summit will focus on the above topics.

The summit is designed to build an internationalized platform of information exchange for the global participants in both lead and zinc market to discuss the market condition and the future movement. Senior executives from well-known major market players in lead, zinc, battery and steel industries from both China and the rest of the world will give their unique and insightful views on the development and outlook of the industry.

In addition, the summit will also build a platform of cooperation and trading for all attendees to extend their sales and raw materials purchasing channels. We believe that the summit will create opportunities for participants to communicate and strengthen cooperation.