World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2012

May 9-11, 2012 Taiyuan, China

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2011

May 18-20, 2011 Luoyang, China

World Alumina Forum 2010

May 13-14, 2010 Qingdao, China
Chinese economy policies under new Chinese leadership
----Zhang Liqun, Director of Marco-economy Research Department from Chinese State Council Development & Research Center
Report on Indonesia bauxite export policy
----Indonesia Energy and Mining Law Institute
Chinese and global bauxite reserves and demand outlook for twenty years
----Liu Qunyi, Doctor of Global Mining Resources Strategic Research Center, Chinese Academy of Geological Science
2013 world economy to rise slightly, aluminum price up gradually
----Beijing CIFCO Futures Co., Ltd.
Opportunities and challenges ahead of Chinese alumina industry in 2013
----East Hope Group
Bauxite Raw Materials for the Aluminum Industry in Ghana
----Owusu Amoah, CEO of Livingstone Strategic Initiative s & Management Ltd.
Research on the Quality and Property of Carbon Electrode in Aluminum Industry
----Yu Yiru, Director of Research Institute of Jining Carbon Group Co.,Ltd.
Chinese aluminum fluoride supply and the world demand
----Gu Zhengyan, Vice General Manager, Do-fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Potash Ridge Blawn Mountain Project, Utah, United States
----Potash Ridge Corporation
New aluminum ingot projects in Northwest China and aluminum industry reshuffle
----Qiu Shilin, director of Aluminum & Carbon Research Department, Chalco Zhengzhou Institute
Inspection issues and solutions in bauxite trade
----William Ma, Business Development Manager, SGS-CSTC
--Australia Bauxite Resources introduction
--Report on fly-ash alumina industry development in Northwest China
--Presentations for new aluminum technologies, products and equipments