World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2012

May 9-11, 2012 Taiyuan, China

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2011

May 18-20, 2011 Luoyang, China

World Alumina Forum 2010

May 13-14, 2010 Qingdao, China
End of Summit
The 4th World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit, held by Asian Metal, closed successfully on May 17 in Xining, Qinghai. The summit was vigorously supported by Huanghe Xin Ye Co., Ltd., Shandong Haiyuanda International Trading Co., Ltd., and Jiaozuo Qiushi Chemicals Products Co., Ltd..
The summit was a complete success and had achieved the expected results. Speeches were given on 16 May and the guest speakers at home and abroad made wonderful speeches about macroeconomy, policy guidance, and the market of bauxite, alumina, aluminum fluoride, and carbon, pointing out the direction of macroeconomy and market trends in the second half of 2013. The total number of the participants was above 150 and representatives participating in the summit included Chinese government departments, relative industrial associations, press media and insider enterprises. During the summit, all participants communicated well with each other and laid a foundation for further trade opportunities.
Enterprises attending the summit included both the aluminum ingot producers such as Henan Shenhuo International Trading Co., Ltd, Jiuquan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Qinghai Yellow River Hydro-power Secondary Aluminum Co., Ltd., Ningxia Qingtongxia Energy Aluminum Group, Huomei Hongjun Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd., and alumina producers such as East Hope Group, Chalco Shanxi Branch, Xiaoyi Xing'an Chemical Co., Ltd., China Power Investment Group Shanxi Aluminum Co., Ltd., Shandong Lubei Haisheng Biological Co., Ltd., Shandong Wudi Qixing Hi-tech Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd., and Luoyang Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminum Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, bauxite and alumina traders such as Chalco Qinghai West International Trading Co., Ltd., China Power Investment Aluminum International Trading Co., Ltd., Glencore, Beijing Xinheng Aluminum Co.,Ltd., Shandong Haiyuanda International Trading Co., Ltd., Zibo Rundi Aluminum Co.,Ltd., and Qinghai Zhanhua Metallurgy Industry Co., Ltd..
Besides, aluminum fluoride producers such as Do-Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd., Hunan Nonferrous Fluoride Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Yinshi Fluoride Co., Ltd. also took part in the summit. Carbon anode manufacturers such as Jining Carbon Group Co.,Ltd., Dezhou Long-stone International Trade Co.Ltd., Jinan Wanfang Carbon Co.,Ltd., Shandong Qianhao Carbon Co.Ltd., Inner Mongolia Huomei Tongshun Carbon Co., Ltd., and Liangshan Wanda Carbon Co.,Ltd., as well as cryolite manufacturers such as Jiaozuo Jiangyu Chemical Co.,Ltd., Jiaozuo Qiushi Chemicals Products Co., Ltd., Jiaozuo Shenglv Fluoride Co.,Ltd., and Jiaozuo Xianhua Chemical Co., Ltd. were also actively involved. In addition, pet coke manufacturers such as Fushun Hexin Carbon Co., Ltd., Callium manufacturers such as Zhuzhou Keneng New Material Co., Ltd. and logistics companies such as Xinjiang Continental Bridge Group Co., Ltd. were also invited to the summit.
The special conference for overseas bauxite investment was held in the afternoon of 16 May. Ashapura Minechem Ltd. introduced India bauxite market and some Indonesia bauxite suppliers also attended the meeting. All the participants shared opinion about the export of India bauxite which was generally concerned.
In the morning of 17 May, some of the attendees visited Huanghe Xin Ye Co., Ltd., the aluminum ingot capacity of which is 550,000tpy.
Asian Metal sincerely thanks for the support of all the participating companies. We feel deeply honored to provide a similar platform. In the future, we will strive to provide our clients with larger exchange platform with more opportunities.
Qiu Shilin, director of Aluminum & Carbon Research Department, Chalco Zhengzhou Institute
Liu Qunyi, Doctor of Research Center for Strategy of Global Mineral Resources, CAGS
Pandit, Chief Representative in Beijing Office of Ashapura Minechem Ltd
Ross Phillips, Chief Operating Officer of Potash Ridge Corporation
Yu Yiru, Director of Research Institute of Jining Carbon Group Co.,Ltd.
Xue Wenpeng, Vice General Manager of Huang He Xin Ye Co., Ltd.
Zhang Liqun, Director of Macro-economy Research Department from Chinese State Council Development & Research Center
Gu Zhengyan, General Manager Assistant of Do-fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Li Xiyan, Alumina Trading Supervisor of East Hope Group
Wang Jun, Vice General Manager of Beijing CIFCO Futures Co., Ltd.
Ma Wanli, Business Development Manager of SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Service Co., Ltd.
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