World Cobalt Forum 2010

Apr 1-2  Changsha, China

World Indium Forum 2010

Apr 7-8  Beijing, China

World Germanium Forum 2010

Apr 8-9  Beijing, China

Rare Earth Summit 2010

Apr 22-23  Beijing, China

Ferroalloys Summit 2010

Apr 28-30  Beijing, China

World Alumina Forum 2010

May 13-14  Qingdao, China

World Bismuth Forum 2010

May 18-19  Changsha, China

Lead & Zinc Summit 2010

May 19-21  Changsha, China

World Tungsten Forum 2010

Jun 21-22  Nanchang, China

World Zirconium Forum 2010

Jun 24-25  Qingdao, China

World Selenium Forum 2010

Jul 1-2  Nanning, China

Manganese Summit 2010

Jul 1-2  Nanning, China
Media Organization

Topics to be discussed in the summit:

Bauxite and alumina production: China and the World

---- Doctor Li Henglong, Former Expert Consultation Committee of Chalco

Analysis on domestic and overseas economic polices; the influence on aluminum ingot market

Analysis on 2010 alumina market in Australia

2010 report on bauxite supply and demand in Indonesia

Strategy analysis on aluminum hedge

---- Shanxi Guanlv Liability Company

Research and judgement for aluminum price development on SHFE and LME

---- Haitong Futures (Qingdao)

Influence on aluminum market by enterprises merger & acquisition in China

Influence on aluminum market by real estate policies

--- Great Wall Futures Research Institute