World Cobalt Forum 2010

Apr 1-2  Changsha, China

World Indium Forum 2010

Apr 7-8  Beijing, China

World Germanium Forum 2010

Apr 8-9  Beijing, China

Rare Earth Summit 2010

Apr 22-23  Beijing, China

Ferroalloys Summit 2010

Apr 28-30  Beijing, China

World Alumina Forum 2010

May 13-14  Qingdao, China

World Bismuth Forum 2010

May 18-19  Changsha, China

Lead & Zinc Summit 2010

May 19-21  Changsha, China

World Tungsten Forum 2010

Jun 21-22  Nanchang, China

World Zirconium Forum 2010

Jun 24-25  Qingdao, China

World Selenium Forum 2010

Jul 1-2  Nanning, China

Manganese Summit 2010

Jul 1-2  Nanning, China
Media Organization

Under the strong support of all participants, "World Alumina Forum 2010" which held by Asian Metal closed victoriously on May 14 in Qingdao.

This forum gets enthusiastically support and a wide participation of domestic and international bauxite, alumina and aluminum ingot producers and traders. Moreover, some abrasives factories and sintered alumina producers, etc. also, sent representatives to take part in this forum.

Domestic and international aluminum, alumina and aluminum hydroxide suppliers, such as Vinacomin, China Mining International Ltd., Trafigura, Glencore, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Alcoa, India ASHAPURA, Zhuhai Hongfan Nonferrous Metals & Chemicals, China Minmetals, Chalco Shandong Branch, Chalco Zhongzhou Branch, East Hope (Sanmenxia) Aluminum, Henan Kaiman Aluminum, Shandong Chiping Xinfa Aluminum, Shanxi Xiaoyi Xing’an Chemicals, Shanxi Taixing Industry, sent representatives to take part in this forum. Besides, some aluminum ingot factories like Taishan Aluminum, Xinjiang Zhonghe Shares, Shanxi Guanlv Company Limited, Henan Zhengzhou Faxiang Industry, Gansu Dongxing Aluminum were invited to this forum.

Former expert Dr. Li Henglong of Chalco was invited to give a speech on world bauxite and alumina production. As for the rising alumina production in China but increasing independence on bauxite abroad, participants expressed their views at the forum.

Medium from home and abroad like Xinhua News Agency, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, 21st Century Business Herald, First Financial Daily, reports the forum.

In the afternoon of 14th May, the forum closed victoriously in dynamic trading negotiation.

Asian Metal thanks for your all trust and support. We will make persistent efforts to provide timely and correctly information service. At the same time, we also hope you can give suggestions and proposals for this forum and other work of Asian Metal, we will accept them with an open mind and improve in time. Asian Metal sincerely expect to meet you again in the forum next year!

Yang An, R&D, Haitong Futures Zhang Shuancheng, vice sales manager, Shanxi Guanlv Company Limited

Former expert Dr. Li Henglong, Chalco Honored Guests

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Analyst Joan Wang of Asian Metal and Manager Gan Allan from Singapore Happy Sunshine Trading Manager Friday Gao from Base Metals, Asian Metal and Vice General Director Nguyen Chi Quang bauxite-Aluminum Div, Vinacomin

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