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May 8-10, 2013 Kunming, China

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April 11-13, 2012 Kunming, China

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May 9-11, 2011 Nanjing, China
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Yunnan Germanium
Yunnan Germanium (stock code: 002428) is the largest and the most powerful manufacturer and supplier of germanium products in China and Asia. It is the only germanium enterprise in China that owns an integrated industrial chain covering the mining, pyrometallurgy enrichment, hydrometallurgy purification, zone-melting refining, as well as the further processing and R&D of germanium. Located in Lincang City, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Germanium has 10 subsidiaries. Its main products include Germanium Dioxide, Zone-refined Germanium Ingot(Germanium Metal), Germanium Monocrystalline, Germanium Optical Elements(Germanium Blanks, Germanium Polished Blanks, Germanium Lens), Infrared Optics Germanium Lenses, Solar Germanium Wafer, Optical Fibre Germanium Tetrachloride and Gallium Arsenide Wafer, which are mainly sold in countries and regions such as China, Europe, Japan, the United States, Belgium, etc.
Yunnan Germanium is the largest germanium manufacturer in Asia that has the most complete germanium industrial chain and the largest recoverable deposits of germanium in China. Its production and sales of germanium have been holding the No.1 position domestically for several years. Abundant in reserves, the company owns Dazhai Germanium Mine and Meiziqing Coal mine which provide available germanium reserves of 689.55 tons (up to December 31, 2009), accounting for 8.02% of global confirmed reserves and 19.70% of China’s confirmed reserves. From its listing in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 to present, the company has integrated five germanium-containing mines by purchasing mining rights or stock rights, with its available germanium reserves increasing by over 250 tons. Its resource advantages have been further promoted.
The company established the first germanium research institute in China and formed an excellent scientific research team led by Ye Minghan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Liang Junwu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Zheng Zhipeng, former Director of Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences; researcher Chen Nuofu and researcher Hui Feng. So far, the company has undertaken one provincial key development plan for new products and three national scientific research projects. It has acquired 26 proprietary technologies (12 of them are patents for invention) and won 2 provincial awards for technical progress. Meanwhile, it has also been involved in drafting and formulating 19 national standards and industrial standards for the germanium industry. Its trademark, “Linxinyuan”, was recognized as a China Famous Brand by the General Administration for Industry and Commerce.
Considering the company’s conditions and the industry’s current trends, the company formulated its own development strategies according to its own development demands: relying on its rich reserves and strong R&D ability and orienting to the market, it will continue to optimize its product structure, develop high-end products, enhance the connotation of science and environmental protection, improve its core competitiveness and expand its leading advantages in the industry, thus to became a global leading manufacturer and supplier of germanium products.
Contact Name: Tony Zhao
Tel: +86-871-63637956
Fax: +86-871-63639236
Add.: 6F, Building A, Dushimingyuan, Middle Renmin Road, Kunming, Yunnan, P.R. China
PC: 650031