Asian Metal

World Antimony Forum 2013

April 23-27, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand
Since the financial crisis of 2008 the antimony market has seen a rather dramatic fluctuation in price and an inconsistent level of demand over the last few years. In April and May of 2009 prices had dropped to a low of around USD4,500/t in Europe and RMB30,000/t in China, however within two years appreciated circa about 400% where the market witnessed prices being quoted at above RMB110,000/t in China (or USD17,000/t in Europe). This tremendous rise in price however was short lived, as taking the last twelve months into consideration one witnesses a market that has continued to see a weakening price and rather lackluster level of demand.
There are a number of key drivers and constraints that the market faces as we move towards the eclipse of 2013 and into the New Year. There are scores of predictions and beliefs of where the market is heading and what will happen to the levels of demand and supply in 2014. Asian Metal therefore plans to host the International Antimony Conference on 8-9th April, 2014 that will allow these key issues to be addressed and explored accordingly. The conference will be a prime opportunity to take stock of happenings in the first few months of the year and highlight key opportunities, prospects and restraints for the remainder of the year.