2012 was a tumultuous year for Chinese magnesium industry as production halt, reorganization and adjustment occurred widely due to poor global economy and slow economic growth in China. Joint operation announced by Fugu Magnesium Industry pushed up magnesium metal prices, endowing domestic magnesium industry with pricing and discursive power. However, it was still full of uncertainties that whether Chinese magnesium industry can realize successful transformation.
End-users started to build trader relations directly with domestic producers as demand from international market continued to decline with business margins , which issued challenges to intermediate traders. In addition, Customs policies of downgrading exchange rates and raising ocean freight added fuel to the fames to magnesium traders with the result that some participants had envisaged a dead line while others had turned to other fields.
Unprecedented pressures see both challenges and opportunities. Hence, magnesium manufacturers familiar with market disciplines and trend will make the best use of capital, information and new supply mode ahead of time in order to gain an advantage over the future reform.
US started QE and China tightened liquidity further as European debt crisis spread. Where will the magnesium industry go in 2013? What about the prices and profits? Will participants make money or loss? Will capital or order-operation push the market forward? Will new market or processors can be sought? All the factors above are the most concerned topics of every insider. Let's get together to interpret market changes and growing process in order to obtain confidence and new growth points.
Accepting sustainable support and confidence from industry insiders, Asian Metal will host the “ 2nd World Magnesium Forum” in Hangzhou from March 20 to 22. Senior officials and industry experts from production sector, process sector and casting sector, as well as professional associations, information platforms, professional media and giants from auto, motorcycle, 3C industry and aviation sector, will discuss the development direction and seek a new trail.
We hope to see you this spring at the “2nd World Magnesium Industry Forum” in Hangzhou.
Address the latest and most comprehensive industrial news
Major market players get together unprecedentedly to discuss the prospect of magnesium industry.
Build high-end conference platform to start interactive mode
The conference intends to discuss concerned issues in order to promote enterprise images, display achievements and get closer relationship between supply and requisitioning parties.
Interpret the latest policies to address the market forefront
The conference invites experts and scholars from major magnesium importers such as Europe, Japan and Korea to analyze price trend and related policies as well as forecast the prospect of magnesium market and magnesium enterprises on the basis of multi-angle analysis.