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--Economic forecast for 2013
Macro-economy: China, the motor for global economic growth had an election in 2012. Will the new government pull the global economy out of depression? What is the main factor for economic growth in 2013?
Cobalt: Many cobalt salt producers reduced output in 2012 and their operating rate declined sharply. What is the current state of the industry and what does the future look like? What changes have occurred in downstream markets, such as lithium battery, cemented carbide and magnet, etc.? Will strained Sino-Japan relationship impact on the export of Chinese products like lithium cobalt oxide, cobalt oxide and lithium carbonate?
--Current situation and forecast of Chinese cobalt salts market
--Chinese lithium battery market development
--Japanese lithium battery market development after the earthquake
--Current situation and forecast of South Korean lithium battery market
--Chinese cemented carbide market outlook
--Cobalt metal market analysis in Europe and America
Lithium: Consolidation has been an obvious trend in the lithium industry as Rockwood and Tianqi Lithium have both placed bids for Talison Lithium while other companies are actively exploring resources. Whoever wins between Rockwood or Tianqi Lithium, other domestic producers who extract lithium salts from lithium concentrates will face a challenging future. How will it impact these producers? Will it be an opportunity for domestic producers who extract lithium from brine? What measures should enterprise take to survive and achieve development under the new situation?
--Current situation and forecast of lithium industry
--New pattern analysis in lithium market
--Current situation and forecast of lithium market