20 Apr.

16:00 Registration

18:00-20:00 Dinner

21 Apr.

08:45-09:00 Open Speech

09:30-18:00 Summit Session

18:00-20:00 Dinner

22 Apr.

09:00-14:00 Summit Session

14:00-18:00 Sightseeing Trip in Lijiang

Rare Earth Summit 2011

Mar.14-15th Pittsburgh, PA

World Cobalt Forum 2011

Apr.14-16th Sanya, China

Lead & Zinc Summit 2011

Apr.20-22nd Lijiang, China

World Indium & Germanium Forum 2011

May.9-11th Nanjing, China

International Rare Earth Summit 2011

May.16-18th Hangzhou, China

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2011

May.18-20th Luoyang, China

World Tungsten Forum 2011

May.19-20th Xiamen, China

World Selenium-Tellurium Forum 2011

May.26-28th Guangzhou, China

Ferroalloys Summit 2011

Jun.22-24th Dalian, China

Media Organization

Asian Metal conference committee has applied preferential prices of guest rooms in Guanfang Hotel Main Building. Participants should contact the hotel directly for the forward reservation and make the payment yourselves.

A brief introduction of Lijiang

Nestled in the northwest Yunnan Province, Lijiang is situated 527km from Kunming City. Rolling hills occupy about 95% of Lijiang’s total area. Located in the plateau area with an average altitude of 2,400 meters, Lijiang is exposed to strong sunshine all year round. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Laojun Mountain are part of the geographical landscape of Lijiang. Shanzidou, the highest peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is 5,596 meters above sea level and covered with snow all the year round, while the Jinsha River and Lancang River flow through the city.

Lijiang is a multi-national city with ethnic minorities taking up 58% of its total population, including Naxi Nationality, Bai Nationality, Pumi Nationality, Tibetan Nationality, Lisu Nationality, Yi Nationality and Mao Nationality. Additionally, Lijiang has a wide variety of animals and plants because it combines frigid, temperate, and tropical climates. The city is also known as Medicine Town as it has over 600 medicinal animals and plants, such as fritillary, musk and cordyceps.

Lijiang not only has graceful landscape but also rich resources, such as land, forest, tourism and minerals which enjoy high development value. The unique tourism resources in Lijiang mainly consist of beautiful natural scenery, unique ethnic customs and ancient cultures. Furthermore, tourism is simple, graceful, and full of national characteristics with two scenic resorts, the, Jade Dragon Snow Maintain and Lugu Lake, which are famous both in the homeland and abroad with unique natural landscape and cultural connotations.

Lijiang Official Hotel Housing:

--- Lijiang is in the southwest of China and the north of Kunming, which is the capital of Yunnan. In 1996, the Old Town of Lijiang was listed as the World Heritage Site By UNESCO. Lijiang is famous for the Human Features and beautiful scenery, such as: Naxi ancient music, the Yulong Snow Mountain, Black Dragon POOL park, Baisha Murals, the first bend of the Yangtze, the tiger Gap jump, as well as the 18-hole golf course in the snow-capped. Lijiang not only has convenient land and air traffic connected with major cities in China, but also easy accesses to the ideal world---- Shangri-La described by the "Lost Horizon".

Lijiang Official Hotel is the first five-star hotel in Yunnan Province. Main Building is located in the center of the city, and about ten minutes away from the ancient city. Main Building has full service facilities, with all kinds of restaurants, bars, business center, sports facilities and conference facilities. Since 1998, the hotel has received numerous domestic and overseas guests; all hotel staff will look forward your visit with perfect service.

Lijiang Guanfang Hotel Main Building

Address: Xianggelila Street, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China


Reservation Tel :800 -889-8998

Reservation Fax :86-888-5181000

Tel :86-888-5188888-62021

Contact: Ms.He Shifang, Cell Phone:13908883658

The List of the Housing in Lijiang Official Hotel

Room Type Preferential P rice (Yuan / day) Notes
Main deluxe standard room, single room 520 Yuan / Room/ night Stay two nights
440 Yuan / Room/ night Stay with three nights and three nights above
420 Yuan / Room/ night Stay with four nights and four nights above
Garden Villa Area A
Deluxe Standard Room
Notes: Garden Villa is three-kilometer away from the Lijiang Official Hotel Main Building where the conference held.
620 Yuan / Room/ night Stay with two nights
540 Yuan / Room/ night Stay with three nights and three nights above
470 Yuan / Room/ night Stay with four nights and four nights above

Notes: Garden Villa is three-kilometer away from the Lijiang Official Hotel Main Building where the conference held.

1、The room rate includes breakfast

2、Complimentary two bottles of mineral water in the bedroom, a welcome fruit basket in the living room.

3、The room has Internet line, unlimited free internet access.

4、The hotel can rent 10 Yuan / day package of domestic long distance Personal Handy-Phone.

5、The guests need to purchase 80 Yuan / person for the maintenance of the ancient city.

Hotel Reservation

Please contact the hotel for your room reservation directly. Guest Room Reservation Form


1. Participants should make the reservation and payment for guest rooms to the hotel directly

2. For room reservation, you can make phone call to Hotel Reservations by +86- 13908883658

3. The reserved rooms are limited and specific accommodation should be subjected to the information by hotel when you make confirmation.