20 Apr.

16:00 Registration

18:00-20:00 Dinner

21 Apr.

08:45-09:00 Open Speech

09:30-18:00 Summit Session

18:00-20:00 Dinner

22 Apr.

09:00-14:00 Summit Session

14:00-18:00 Sightseeing Trip in Lijiang

Rare Earth Summit 2011

Mar.14-15th Pittsburgh, PA

World Cobalt Forum 2011

Apr.14-16th Sanya, China

Lead & Zinc Summit 2011

Apr.20-22nd Lijiang, China

World Indium & Germanium Forum 2011

May.9-11th Nanjing, China

International Rare Earth Summit 2011

May.16-18th Hangzhou, China

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2011

May.18-20th Luoyang, China

World Tungsten Forum 2011

May.19-20th Xiamen, China

World Selenium-Tellurium Forum 2011

May.26-28th Guangzhou, China

Ferroalloys Summit 2011

Jun.22-24th Dalian, China

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As the pace of economic development in China continues to grow by double digits, her clout in the global financial market is increasing as both Europe and America, especially the latter, rely reply on Chinese debt for borrowing and spending. While being the largest consumer and producer of zinc and lead, China’s leverage in the international base metal sector cannot be discounted as it is variously reflected in broad policies that cut across global finance, production and resource acquisition.

With lead and zinc capacities are quickly expanding, Chinese producers have a raw material bottle-neck. They eagerly seek for opportunities to import raw materials or acquire lead-zinc mines in China and overseas markets. Meeting new prospective buyers, Asian Metal, through its Lead and Zinc Summit 2011, provides a widely recognized and easy platform for stakeholders to interact and network on new business opportunities on lead and zinc commodities as consumption outpace production in a growing trend for the next decade.

The Lead and Zinc Summit 2011 is designed to build an internationalized platform of information exchange for global participants in both the lead and zinc market to discuss current conditions and future movement. And being on an annual basis, attendance at this summit affords participants to strengthen cooperation among prospective lead and zinc producers and end-users, as it guarantees stable supply at negotiated and flexible prices to both parties.

For an insider perspective, senior executives from well-known major Chinese and International market players in lead, zinc, battery and steel industries will give their unique and insightful views on the development and outlook of the industry.

Interested attendees are encouraged to register early to confirm their participation and to follow the details below.