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World Magnesium Forum 2013

March 20-22, 2013 Hangzhou, China

World Magnesium Forum 2012

March 28-30, 2012 Xi'an, China
Advertisements are one of the most direct means in marketing and offer great opportunities for businesses to gain brand recognition. Successful advertisements can not only impart lasting impressions and raise their brand awareness, but can also help businesses to expand market share. “The 3rd Magnesium Forum” will not only serve as a communication platform for international magnesium industry players, but also offer the opportunity for individual companies to showcase their unique attributes and strengths.
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Nanjing Welbow Special Metals Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Welbow Special Metals Co., Ltd. founded in 1993, is a high and new technology enterprise of provincial level, specializing in production and recycling of magnesium, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy cast ingot and cast bar, production of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy die castings, and production and marketing of intermediate alloy and strontium metal. It has formed a complete industrial chain of dolomite mining-raw magnesium smelting-magnesium alloy foundry-magnesium alloy processing-magnesium alloy recycling. Its outputs of strontium metal and magnesium alloy rank the first around the globe. With twelve subsidiaries in Jiangsu, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Anhui and Inner Mongolia, it was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November, 2007.
With strong capabilities of research and development, it is ranked in the Top 100 Technical Innovation Enterprises in Jiangsu, and has Jiangsu Magnesium Alloy Material Engineering and Technical Research Center, Advanced Key Metals Laboratory in Jiangsu, and sets Master Degree Candidate Workstation in Jiangsu, having nurtured a batch of engineering technicians being involved in research and development of light metals for long-term. During the Eleventh-Five-Year Plan, it undertook projects of national sci-tech support plan, leading the energy conservation and emission reduction as well as technical innovation in this industry. Meanwhile, it has various patents for innovation and for utility models with proprietary intellectual property rights.
Shanxi Credit Magnesium Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Bada magnesium co., Ltd(here after we call “Bada”) and Shanxi Credit Magnesium Co., Ltd( here after we call “Credit”) are leading companies in magnesium field in China,they have superiorities of smelting and marketing separately, Bada, the production base and Credit, the sales platform, are built by their teams after many years ‘meticulous management.
Bada and Credit are managed by one team, however, Bada is responsible for production and Credit is in charge of the marketing.
Bada is the biggest sole-plant factory with annual output of 35000mt pure magnesium and 20000mt magnesium alloys, also is the biggest private-welfare and tax-refund enterprise in China which provides job opportunities and welfare for 243 disabled people.
Bada is a privately-own and joint-stock enterprise, is also one of earliest professional magnesium smelter in China. Now it has become a large modernized enterprise which integrated ore mining, logistics, magnesium smelting, magnesium alloying, and magnesium waste recycling. It also continually ranked as Top 5 magnesium producers in China for many years.
We own a professional team which has been engaging in magnesium smelting and management for more than 10 years. We also have our own technology achievements and experiences for promoting Pegion process and controlling production cost, especially in controlling the content of Si, Al, Mn, Fe, which is at the front of our industry. Our magnesium ingot classification system is the most particular one in our industry, which is far beyond the international standard, we classify produces according to different customers' demand, truly meet every customer's quality requirement.
With a reserve of over 200 million tons, our dolomite mine is 8 km always from our plant. High-quality dolomite, advanced mining equipments and abundant resources are unique advantages for extending our industrial chain, which also laid a solid foundation for sustainable development. We are also one of the few manufactures which integrated mining, distribution, magnesium smelting, magnesium alloying and waste recycling. All these advantages provide reliable guarantees for production stability.
We currently use the biggest vertical pre-heating rotary kiln in Chinese magnesium industry, which makes dolomite calcining and briquette proportioning are automatically controlled. The labor-saving and high-efficiency process makes us stand in the leading position in magnesium smelting in China
We keep our promise during products manufacturing and team management. Our beliefs to customers are credit, responsibility, obligation and services. It is necessary to save costs for our customers, and let them free from worry, which shows our strict demands for quality and services
We insist on innovating together with our customers, supplying advanced materials to them and saving costs for them. We devoted ourselves to provide most professional services for global magnesium consumers. We are dedicated to build top-ranking magnesium base, revitalizing national industry and creating an international brand. We will always create values for customers and achieve win-win relationship with them. We will create a new era of magnesium by innovating technology and welcome China’s new magnesium times by saving energy and reducing cost.