Analysis of China macro ec0nomic situation in 2012
----Wang Xiaoguang, Development and Reform Commission
Chinese iron and steel industry chain integration
----Li Yongjun, China Iron and Steel Association
Analysis of Mongolian iron ore
----Mongolia Altain Khuner LLC
Development and experience of steel companies in the construction to acid Xingjiang
----Zhang Wei, Shandong Shiheng Special Steel Group Co. Ltd (Xinjiang Kunyu Steel Co., Ltd )
Analysis of imported iron ore market in Xinjiang
----Cao Zhen, Xinjiang Bayi Steel International Trade Co., Ltd
Optimization and implement of logistic system of iron ore
----Xinjiang Communications and Transportation Department
Analysis of steel industry in Xinjiang
----Liu Zhen, Urumchi Jinluda Trade and Business Co., Ltd
Iron ore market analysis in China, 2012
----Asian Metal
Conference topics are as follows:
1. Development situation and future plan on aids to Xinjiang – officials from NDRC Xinjiang branch
2. How foreign investment accelerates Xinjiang’s development
3. Outlook of iron ore storage in Northwest China
4. Development of iron ore under energy conversation & emission reduction policy