Under the Twelfth Five Year Plan of Xinjiang, Xinjiang’s GDP is going to increase by over 10% annually in the coming five years, 3.0% higher than the national average growth; the investment in social fixed asset will grow by over 25% with a total achievement of RMB3.6 trillion in the five years. The investment in real estate and the infrastructure construction will post forward development. Taking infrastructure construction for example, the planned investment in transportation will reach to RMB120-170 billion (excluding rural roads), which is 4.8-6.8 times as that in the Eleventh Five Year Plan. The support program for Xinjiang was launched in 2010, and 1,467 projects has been supported by 19 provinces or cities including 165 completed projects with a support fund totaling RMB13.56 billion as of July 30, 2011. With the thriving development of the program, related iron ore and engineering material markets keeps booming.
With the Northwestern Xinjiang Development and the Support Construction of Xinjiang, the central government increases the investment in constructing Xinjiang. How could Xinjiang seize opportunities in fast development and come to the fore in competition? Analysis and discussion will be unfolded around these topics. The demand for steel will grow in a fast rate in Xinjiang, but steel and raw material supply tightens. So many steel companies enlarge investment in Xinjiang and neighboring regions to enhance capacity of steel. Meanwhile, the demand for iron ore will surge.
Many steel companies grab the chance by enlarging investment in Xinjiang and surrounding regions in order to scale up the capacity of steel. However, how much do people know about the process and the future plan of the support program, advantages and disadvantages of iron ore mining in Xinjiang, and the development status and the plan of local steel mills?
Asian Metal will work together with influential companies and researchers in the industry on analyzing the above questions and discussing the development of Northwestern Chinese iron ore industry in 2012. The forum will also build up an international platform for raw material suppliers, trading companies, consumers, science institutes, industry associations and finance institutes to join, communicate, and corporate with each others.
●Learn latest new iron ore industrial policy to make proper plan for future development
●Learn development tendency and market behavior of iron ore industry, as well as communicating with downstream industries and partners
●Learn production, electric power and investment situations of iron ore in main markets, as well as analyzing opportunities and challenges of iron ore enterprises all around the country
●Get new partners through incomparable chance for corporation in the high-end summit
●Reserve network resources for energy conservation & emission reduction and industrial restructure with help from experts and government officials
●Get Communicate Immeasurable business opportunities offered to iron ore enterprises in Northwest China by interaction communication between purchase & tender departments and enterprises
External propaganda:Conference committees have printed and sent invitations to invite exhibitions and tenders by taking advantages of data bank, client network, E-mail and information network accumulated in past years; gotten in touch with participants by various of communication methods such as telephone and fax; post propaganda materials for professional exhibitions and markets
Media propaganda:Conference information field is built in mainstream and professional media websites as reporters from television stations, newspapers and radio stations focus on the conference in detail.
The conference gets great supports from Xinhua News Agency, Reuters, Interfax News Agency, Bloomberg News, 21st Century, CBN and Shanghai Security News. At the same time, some websites build special fields for the conference reports including Xinhua News Agency, Sina, Sohu and QQ.com.
Besides, conference committee also plans to invite target clients to attend the conference by efficient methods such as media advertisements, mail advertisements, mass massages and internet fax, further communicating with participants in order to promote cooperation intention.
Advertisements on supporters’ conference will present in the reports released by above medium, which not only increases reputations of supporters but also expand conference scale.