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The World Chromium Forum 2012 held by Asian Metal and sponsored by Shuozhou Tiancheng Electrometallurgy Co.,Ltd. ended successfully on 2nd November. The conference gets great support from participants in chromium and steel industries and about 100 delegates attended the magnificent conference.
On the morning of 2nd November, Mr. Li Yuan, the Director of Shuozhou Tiancheng Electrometallurgy Co.,Ltd., made the opening speech and welcomed all participants from home and abroad to get together in Taiyuan. Meanwhile, Mr. Li Yuan introduced Shuozhou Tiancheng Electrometallurgy Co.,Ltd. in detail and Shuozhou Tiancheng Electrometallurgy Co.,Ltd will grow up to be a publicly listed group company as planned in two or three years, and to be an influential company in the chrome industry of China.
Mr. Hu Mingyang, Consultant of China Special Steel Association talked about the demand, development and strategy in special steel market and finally he expresses the 12th five-year is a strategic opportunity period for special steel and advanced equipment manufacturing industry development which will promote the technologies and product qualities of ferroalloy industry.
Ms. Wang Ning, Chrome Ore Department of Minmetals Development Co.,Ltd. made a speech on Chinese chrome ore market review and prospect and stressed the chrome ore market situation in the first three quarters of 2012 and analysed the current capacity surplus and slow demand. Finally she forecasted the future chrome ore market.
Then, Mr. Nie Long from Tharisa China showed fully to participants about South African ferrochrome and chrome ore. He pointed out the current situation for South African ferrochrome and chrome ore producers and made a comparison with Chinese smelters. Meanwhile, he introduced the opportunity and challenge in South African chrome ore industry.
Mr. Yasar OZDIREK from ETI KROM A.S. delivered a speech on Turkish chrome ore supply. Firstly, he made a brief introduction about Yildirim group and ETI KROM A.S., emphasized Turkish chrome ore supply situation and analysed Chinese ferrochrome production and chrome ore consumption. Finally, he believed that the difficult time in chrome market has been over and prices have been reached the bottom.
Ms. Merve Harzadin, CEO of Turchrome Mining elaborated global ferrochrome, chrome ore and stainless steel industries. Firstly, she expressed the macroeconomic policies in China and other countries. Then she analysed the import and export situation about China, South Africa and Turkey chrome market. She believed that although Turkish chrome ore export decreases somewhat, it remains the main source for China's chrome ore import.
On the afternoon of 2nd November, Mr. Li Huiyun, Manager of Hebei Chromate Chemical Co.,Ltd. made a speech on Chinese chromium salt market development and problems. He indicated there are many problems in Chinese chromium salt production: large quantities of small-scale producers, poor equipments and serious environmental pollution and so on. Finally, he gave some suggestions for the problems in Chinese chromium salt market.
Then, Mr. Sun Jianliang from Shanghai J.Sun Trading Consultants Co.,Ltd. analysed and forecasted Chinese ferrochrome and chrome ore markets. He believed that in 2012 demand would increase slightly in Chinese chrome ore market, but the import prices would not rebound much and Chinese domestic ferrochrome prices meet great pressure on ferrochrome import.
Mr. Hu Guorong, Professor of Central-South University, explained the new usage for ferrochrome in detail. He expressed demand for ferrochrome from steel industry is depressed due to sluggish economy in the world and China's control on real estate. Using ferrochrome as raw materials of producing chromium salts would benefit the country and the people.
Mr. Li Qiang, Senior Expert for Ferroalloys made an excellent speech on Chinese ferrochrome market. Firstly, it introduced ferrochrome market in the first 10 months and expressed that the policy of stable development from Chinese government would benefit chrome industry. Meanwhile, the inflation increases ferrochrome production costs and exchange rate prevents ferrochrome from decreasing further, so he is not pessimistic towards the future ferrochrome market.
Finally, Mr. Zhang Guozuo from China Metal and Special Steel Co.,Ltd. spoke on Chinese stainless steel market under the influence of global economy. He expressed Chinese stainless steel market's consumption growth rate would continue to decrease, stocks would maintain a high level and prices would be more likely to go down slightly. Meanwhile, he gave three suggestions for Chinese stainless steel industry.
We really appreciate all participants' efforts and we will keep on working wholeheartedly. See you on next World Chromium Forum in 2013!
Mr. Li Yuan from Shuozhou Tiancheng Electrometallurgy Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Hu Mingyang from China Special Steel Association
Ms. Wang Ning from Minmetals Development Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Nie Long from Tharisa China
Mr. Yasar OZDIREK from ETI KROM A.S.
Ms. Merve Harzadin from Turchrome Mining
Mr. Jai Krishna Saraf from Turchrome Mining
Mr. Li Huiyun from Hebei Chromate Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Sun Jianliang from Shanghai J.Sun Trading Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Hu Guorong from Central-South University
Mr. Li Qiang, Senior Expert for Ferroalloys
Mr. Zhang Guorong from China Metal and Special Steel Co.,Ltd.
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