Asian Metal
The first half-year has witnessed more complex economic and uncertain situation due to the slow pace in global economic recovery with Quantitative Easing of Money (QEM) being considered as a central tool to encourage lending and stimulate spending expenditure to spur growth in order to minimize impact of the European debt crisis. Meanwhile, Chinese economic growth rate is down to single digit owing to slowdown in investments despite signs of upticks in real estate market, leading to concerns on the economy. The Chinese monetary authority has cut down the deposit-reserve ratio twice consecutively in one month, which supports the development of the real economy and indicating the preference of loose monetary policies and firm decisions to adjust the economic structure to stabilize the market investment. Where would the international economy head?
In China, owing to excess capacity and over production in the steel sector, profits have dropped significantly in China due to the extremely weak demand in the steel market brought by the slow economic growth and rigorous regulation on real estate and auto industries as well as other industries, leading to weak yet stable trend for steel products prices under the support of cost. Chinese steel industry is faced with one sectoral problem to another and is unlikely to improve. In addition, there is less confidence the future export market due to further declines of demand for steel in the international market and no enduring solution yet against Euro zone crisis.
It is becoming more difficult to expect price of ferrochrome to rebound due to the slowness of overall demand in Chinese steel market. What will Chinese ferrochrome mills do to reverse the weak trend as domestic ferrochrome is likely to take a hit by declines in the import ferrochrome market, and no signs of upticks in domestic demand are seen. Will the domestic market take a hit by the international ferrochrome market? Prices for ferrochrome decline at every step and show no signs of improvements due to backlog of stocks at Chinese ports caused by weakening demand for chrome in South Africa ferrochrome mills. What is the future trend of the ferrochrome market? How to reduce losses for ferrochrome mills?
Asian Metal is inviting the most influential and leading companies and counterparts from the chromium industry from all around the world to discuss the above mentioned issues. The forum is designed to build an international platform of information exchange, cooperation for all the global chromium smelters, traders, consumers, research institutes, associations as well as financial organizations in a win-win situation.
With a talented and professional team of market analysts, Asian Metal continues to maintain high levels of responsibility and quality of service, ensuring that the World Chromium Forum 2012 will be another grand event for the world chromium market.
Based on high-end meeting platform to create interactive show
Integrating industrial resources to promote multilateral cooperation and mutual win-win
Bringing together industry leading medias to highlight the performances of leading companies
Unscrambling the latest industry policies to hit the forefront of international market
Strongly inviting the professional buyers worldwide to build a high-quality sourcing platform
Summit Publicity
Publicity: The Organizing Committee makes good use of the database, customer networks, emails and information networks, print invitations and sends it to target people; contact target people by telephone and fax. Promotional materials will also be distributed in the professional exhibitions.
Media: Column for the forum will be established in the website of leading and professional media. Journalists of television, newspapers, radio will also be invited to attend the forum and give complete press coverage on the form.