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Monday March 14th

4:00 Registration booth opens

6:00 - Cocktail reception

Tuesday March 15th

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9:00 - Conference opening remarks delivered by City of Pittsburgh

Rare Earth Summit 2011

Mar.14-15th Pittsburgh, PA

World Cobalt Forum 2011

Apr.14-16th Sanya, China

Lead & Zinc Summit 2011

Apr.20-22nd Lijiang, China

World Indium & Germanium Forum 2011

May.9-11th Nanjing, China

International Rare Earth Summit 2011

May.16-18th Hangzhou, China

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2011

May.18-20th Luoyang, China

World Tungsten Forum 2011

May.19-20th Xiamen, China

World Selenium-Tellurium Forum 2011

May.26-28th Guangzhou, China

Ferroalloys Summit 2011

Jun.22-24th Dalian, China

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Brief Introduction of China Minmetals Rare Earth Co., Ltd

China Minmetals Rare Earth Co., Ltd.(CMRE) is a mineral development and production company , which focus on rare earth mine exploitation, Rare Earth Oxide and down-stream production of Rare Earth. The company was jointly founded by China Minmetals Non-ferrous Metal Co., Ltd., Ganxian Hongjin Rare Earth Co., Ltd. and Dingnan Dahua Advanced Material Resources Co., Ltd. in Oct.2008. The registered capital of the company is 837 million RMB.

GanXian Hongjin Rare Earth Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CMRE, has been granted the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management certificate in 2005, and has successfully launched a heavy rare earth processing line in 2008, which ensures that Hongjin has the capacity of full processing of all rare earth oxides of high purities and hold its competitive and sustainable position among the peers. Dingnan Dahua Advanced Material Resources Co., Ltd., another subsidiary of CMRE, has been granted the USA UL certificate in 2007, and passed the criteria of ISO14000 Environmental Protection System Standards and the OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Standards in Dec, 2008. The purity degree of its unitary rare earth oxide series exceeds 99.99% and even the purity degree of partial rare earth series exceeds 99.9999% while the resource recovery rate over 98.5%.

Since its incorporation, the company has become one of the biggest rare earth production companies in China with a capacity of 8,600 tons ion-level rare earth separation per year.

With its strong financial and technology background in the rare earth separation and production industry, the CMRE has a vision to promote the resource integration of the ion type rare earth and to facilitate the establishment of the secondary manufacturing network in Ganzhou city and its surrounding areas. The company strives to make its own contribution to the advancement of the centralization of management and the structure reform in the rare earth industry in China.

Ganxian Hongjin Rare Earth Co.,Ltd.

Founded in April 2001, Ganxian Hongjin Rare Earth Co.,Ltd. is Located in Hongjin Industrial Zone of Ganxian County, Jiangxi Province.The company engages in manufacturing and marketing of rare earth oxides, rare earth coprecipitate oxide and rare earth ramification products and with a current 3500 tons/year separation capacity. It is now one of the biggest,most advanced rare earth separation companies in China with a full chain processing of high purity all rare earth oxides.

The company has been granted the rights of rare earth products import and export since July 2002.It was also listed by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce as the qualified exporter in the next three years. Hongjin’s Europium oxide products accounts for 25% of the global market whereas its terbium oxidize accounts for 20%. The company has received wide recognition and has been given many awards such as “Excellent Enterprise Award” of Jiangxi Province, “A-level Enterprise for Exports and Imports Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Qualification”, “Top 100 Taxpayer Award” of Jiangxi province. The trademark “HongXiYuan” was selected as one of the Major Brands for Export by Jiangxi foreign trading office.

The company has become important rare earth production and export base due to its advantages in resources, technology and financing. As the implementation of the “HongXiYuan” branding strategy , the native enterprise’s quality and influence will be promoted greatly.The company will also strive to contribute to the development of rare earth industry by consummating its R&D and production managements.

Xunwu Xinzhou Rare Earth Smelting Co., Ltd, the subsidiary of Ganxian Hongjin Rare earth co., ltd., with vast space for expansion and a current 2000 tons/year separation capacity.

Dingnan Dahua Advanced Material Resources Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2004, Dingnan Dahua Advanced Material Resources Co., Ltd. is located in Tai Hu Lake Industry Zone, Dingnan County, Ganzhou City. The company is currently one of the leading high-technology companies in rare earth industry with its reasonable layout and high standard environment. The purity of unitary rare earth oxide series exceeds 99.9999% and the resource recovery rate is over 98.5%.

The company passed the inspection of environment protection in Jiangxi province in Feb, 2007 and was granted the USA UL certificate in August 2007.In December 2007, it was qualified as the High-Technology enterprise by the Science and Technology Bureau of Jiangxi Province. In December 2008, the company was certificated ISO14000 Environmental Protection System Standards and OHSAS8000 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Standards.

The company insists on the idea of “quality first and sustained development" and occupy market with excellent production and owns a customer base with great satisfactory since its foundation. Also the company will realizes to pledge of customer, satisfies and surmounts customers request by the spiritual of develops unceasingly and realizes enterprise new soaring finally.

产品名称 (Products) 产品主要技术指标 ( Brief Specifications )
稀土氧化物( RE Oxide )  
氧化镧( La 2 O 3 ) La 2 O 3 / TREO≥99%~99.999% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化铈( CeO 2 ) CeO 2 / TREO≥99.99% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化镨( Pr 6 O 11 ) Pr 6 O 11 /TREO≥99.5%~99.9% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化钕( Nd 2 O 3 ) Nd 2 O 3 / TREO≥99.5%~99.9% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化镨钕 (Pr+Nd)xOy (Pr+Nd) x O y /TREO≥99.5%~99.9%
Pr 6 O 11 /TREO=18%~22%
TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化钐( Sm 2 O 3 ) Sm 2 O 3 /TREO≥99.9% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化铕( Eu 2 O 3 ) Eu 2 O 3 /TREO≥99.995%~99.999% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化钆( Gd 2 O 3 ) Gd 2 O 3 / TREO≥99.9%~99.999% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化铽( Tb 4 O 7 ) Tb 4 O 7 / TREO≥99.95%~99.995% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化镝( D y 2 O 3 ) D y 2 O 3 / TREO≥99.5%~99.95% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化钬( Ho 2 O 3 ) Ho 2 O 3 / TREO≥99.9% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化铒( Er 2 O 3 ) Er 2 O 3 / TREO≥99.5% ~ 99.9% TREO≥99% L O I≤1%
氧化镱( Yb 2 O 3 ) Yb 2 O 3 / TREO≥99%~99.99% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化镥 ( Lu 2 O 3 ) Lu 2 O 3 /TREO≥99.999% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化钇 ( Y 2 O 3 ) Y 2 O 3 /TREO≥99.995%~99.999% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
钇铕系列共沉氧化物 ( Y+Eu )2O3 (Y+Eu)2O3 /TREO≥99.999%
Eu2O3 / TREO=4%~12%
TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
氧化铈铽( Ce+Tb ) x O y (Ce+Tb) x O y /TREO≥99.99% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
钇铕钐铽系列共沉氧化物 ( Y+Eu+Sm+Tb ) x O y (Y+Eu+Sm+Tb)xOy/TREO≥99.995% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
钇铕铽系列共沉氧化物 ( Y+Eu +Tb ) x O y (Y+Eu +Tb) x O y /TREO≥99.995% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
钇铽系列共沉氧化物 ( Y +Tb ) x O y (Y+Tb) x O y /TREO≥99.995% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
稀土金属( RE Metal )      
金属镨 (Pr-M) Pr/TREM ≥ 99.5% TREM ≥ 99% C ≤ 0.04%
金属钕 (Nd-M) Nd/TREM≥99 . 5% TREM≥99% C≤0.03%
镨钕合金 ([Pr+Nd] -M) Pr/TREM ≥ 20 ± 2.0% Nd/TREM ≥ 80 ± 2.0% TREM ≥ 99% C ≤ 0.05%
金属钐 (Sm-M) Sm/TREM ≥ 99.9% TREM ≥ 99% C ≤ 0.02%
金属钆 (Gd-M) Gd/TREM ≥ 99.5% TREM ≥ 99%  
金属铽 (Tb-M) Tb/TREM ≥ 99.99% TREM ≥ 99% C ≤ 0.01%
金属镝 (Dy-M) Dy/TREM ≥ 99.5% TREM ≥ 99% C ≤ 0.01%
镝铁合金 ([Dy+Fe] -M) Dy+Fe ≥ 99% Dy:80 ± 0.5% C ≤ 0.05%
金属钇 (Y-M) Y/TREM ≥ 99.99% TREM ≥ 99% C ≤ 0.01%