Apr. 14th

16:00 Registration

18:00 Cocktail reception

Apr. 15th

8:00 - Registration opens

9:00 - Opening Ceremony

Rare Earth Summit 2011

Mar.14-15th Pittsburgh, PA

World Cobalt Forum 2011

Apr.14-16th Sanya, China

Lead & Zinc Summit 2011

Apr.20-22nd Lijiang, China

World Indium & Germanium Forum 2011

May.9-11th Nanjing, China

International Rare Earth Summit 2011

May.16-18th Hangzhou, China

World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2011

May.18-20th Luoyang, China

World Tungsten Forum 2011

May.19-20th Xiamen, China

World Selenium-Tellurium Forum 2011

May.26-28th Guangzhou, China

Ferroalloys Summit 2011

Jun.22-24th Dalian, China

Media Organization

● Based on high-end meeting platform to create interactive show

The forum will continue to create a high-end meeting to discuss the topics that companies are concerned. In order to further enhance company image, show business results and shorten the distance between sellers and buyers, the Organizing Committee will set up display areas outside the conference room, which will build a bridge for suppliers and buyers to exchange and cooperate.

● Integrating industrial resources to promote multilateral cooperation and mutual win-win

The forum will bring together suppliers, buyers, leading investment and financing institutions, solutions, institutions, providers of advanced technology and professional equipment, financial institutions and other related leaders in cobalt industry from home and abroad and make discussions and explorations on the topics of going pubic, investment and financing, supporting services and others and propose solutions for all participants to prompt mutual win-win.

● Bringing together industry leading medias to highlight the performances of leading companies

The conference will invite the Xinhua News Agency, Reuters, Interfax, Bloomberg,, China Business News and Shanghai Securities News and other industry leading medias to attend the forum to have an all-round and multi-angle report –focusing on the development trend of companies and the leading role excellent companies have played.

● Unscrambling the latest industry policies to hit the forefront of cobalt market

The forum will invite the experts and scholars from Zambia, Congo and Cuba, the main cobalt supplying countries to comprehensively unscramble the price trend of cobalt market and related policies, and forecast market development of cobalt, analyze and guide the development of companies from multi-angle.

●Strongly inviting the professional buyers worldwide to bulid a high-quality sourcing platform

The forum will also provide the chance of holding Sourcing Meeting for those companies that have purchasing plan to procure good quality raw materials and equipment, aiming to build a "display, trade, exchange and cooperation” platform for suppliers and buyers so as to shorten the distance between suppliers and buyers.