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★ It is unclear when the mines in Myanmar will resume production
In 2023, Myanmar's mining ban led to a large area of production suspension, and the stock of raw ore in most dressing plants gradually bottomed out. In 2024, Myanmar has not yet issued a clear policy, and the time for Myanmar's mines to resume production is unknown, and the industry is increasingly worried about the tightening of supply.
★ Africa and South America have huge supply potential
In 2023, Chinese companies have deployed tin resources in Africa and South America to fill the supply gap of nearly 4,000 metal tons caused by Myanmar's mining ban. In 2024, the supply potential of mines in Africa and South America will be further released.
★  Indonesian tin ingot exports are expected to decrease
In 2023, most of Indonesia's smelters are unable to produce normally due to limited export quotas, and the international market is increasingly worried about tin ingot supply. In 2024, Indonesia's export quota approval process is slow, and the volume of exports may decline YoY.
★ Chinese tins solder market has a bright future
In 2023, terminal demand declined YoY, and Chinese tin solder market is difficult to be optimistic. In 2024, the national electronic equipment trade-in policy, the continued growth of the demand for photovoltaic and new energy industries, and the increase in the application of AI in electronic products will promote the steady development of the tin solder market.
Thursday June 20 16:00-19:00 Registration
18:00-20:00 Buffet Dinner
Friday June 21 09:00-09:10 Opening Speech
09:10-09:30 Market review and outlook
09:30-10:00 Mining situation and policy interpretation in Myanmar
10:00-10:30 South American minerals chapter
10:30-11:00 Tea Break
11:00-11:30 Australian minerals chapter
11:30-12:00 African mines and trade with China
12:00-12:10 Group Photo
12:00-14:00 Lunch
14:30-14:50 Introduction to new mines around the world - Mongolia
14:50-15:10 Introduction to new mining areas around the world - Yunnan, China
15:10-15:30 Analysis of supply and demand relationship in international tin market
15:30-15:50 Tea Break
15:50-16:10 Application of polymer materials in flame retardants and fluxes
16:10-16:40 Improvement of beneficiation equipment and recovery rate
16:40-17:40 Guest discussion
  Closing ceremony
18:00-20:30 Business Dinner
  Before May. 31 Before Jun. 20 Pay at the Venue
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2、Conference fee includes attendance at all sessions, refreshments, lunches, dinners and conference documentation, but accommodation and traveling costs are excluded.
3、A substitute delegate will be accepted.
Prospective attendees can, subject to an administrative charge of USD100, claim a refund on the following terms:
a. 100% refund if application for refund is received four weeks prior to the conference date
b. 50% refund if application for refund is received up to two weeks prior to the conference date
c. No refund if application for refund is received less than two weeks prior to the opening of the conference
d. In the event that the summit is postponed or cancelled by forces outside of Asian Metal's control, the organizing committee will directly refund all paying participants.

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Attendees: approx. 100 persons
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