Since the last time Asian Metal hosted the World Antimony Forum in Europe there have been major twists and turns that have left many stunned and bemused. This is typical for this minor metal market which has historically seen tremendous fluctuations in price and inconsistent levels of demand since the financial crisis of 2008. In April and May 2009, prices had dropped to a low of USD4,500/t in Europe however within 24 months had spiralled around 400% where the market saw prices of nearly USD17,000/t in warehouse Rotterdam. The common consensus is that it was this cataclysmic price movement that resulted in energy and investment in successfully discovering reliable substitutes and practical reformulations.
These substitutes have certainly damaged demand significantly, with consumers holding little faith that they will not fall prey to major fluctuations once again. In turn, prices have slid rather rapidly over the last year and expected to return to levels witnessed in 2009 much to most participants’ disbelief. With the desperate need for supply outside of China, new innovations that will require more material and key questions surrounding Chinese policies for the market moving forward – Asian Metal plans to host a conference that will address all of these topics and uncover what opportunities, prospects and challenges 2016 holds.