Asian Metal

World Antimony Forum 2014

April 6-12, 2014 Madrid, Spain

World Antimony Forum 2013

April 23-27, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand
  • Andre Booyzen
  • General manager – Australian Operations
  • Mandalay Resources
  • Mr. Booyzen graduated from the Durban Institute of Technology in 1986 with majors in Information Technology and Financial Accounting. Mr. Booyzen has a wide variety of experience in many industries and multi-nationals ranging from Telecommunications, Textiles, Mining and resources, Manufacturing, Publishing, Information Technology and Construction. Mr. Booyzen has over 10 years’ experience in systems and consulting, and 17 years’ experience in senior management. Mr. Booyzen has been directly involved in the mining and resources industry for the past 14 years. He is currently the General Manager and Director of Australian Operations for Mandalay Resources, and Chairman of the Victorian Council of the Minerals Council of Australia.
  • Donghua Liu
  • President and General Manager
  • Hunan Jiary Industries Co.,Ltd.
  • Mr. Liu Donghua graduated from the international trade major of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) with degree of BA in economics in 1991. He joined in Hunan International Economical development Group Ltd. in the same year and worked in Hunan Assn International Trade Co., Ltd. and Hunan International Economical development Co., Ltd. in succession, serving as the chairman and general manager of Hunan Jiary Industries Co.,Ltd at present. He has been concentrating on research and production as well as trading of non-ferrous metals, especially the raw materials and deep processing products of antimony metal (antimony ores, antimony trioxide, sodium antimonite, ethylene glycol antimony and etc.) with experience for more than 20 years.
  • Shaoji Duan
  • Chairman
  • Sanjiu Antimony Industry
  • Mr. Duanshaoji is senior technologist. He once held various positions since 1972, such as factory director of Feishui Antimony Products Factory, general manager of Lengshuijiang Distribution Company of Town Enterprise, factory director of Lengshuijiang Bada Antimony Smelting Plant. Currently, he is the chairman of Sanjiu Antimony Industry and president of Lengshuijiang City Antimony Industry Association.
  • Helen Dyakina
  • Deputy Director
  • Voyager Group
  • Mrs. Dyakina graduated from the Ural State University of Railway Transport in 2003 with management Accounting. Mrs. Dyakina has a wide experience in metal and minerals trading, especially in antimony and fluorite. Mrs. Dyakina has over 7 years’ experience in trading, consulting, and in senior management. She is currently the deputy director of ‘Voyager group’, starting new factory of antimony and fluorite concentrate in Zabaykalsky krai, Russia.
  • Li Jianqiang
  • Manager
  • Jiangxi Tonggu Eryuan Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Mr.Li Jianqiang, manager of Jiangxi Tonggu Eryuan Chemical Co., Ltd, graduated with a degree of EMBA. Li had ever worked in the technical department of a large chemical company in Guangdong and accumulated much practical experience during the working period, since he entered the chemical industry in 2000. With the deep study of the production process and technology in polyester catalysts industry, he is well recognized by his clients and gained a win-win situation with the clients as well. With his excellent leadership, Eryuan Chemical Co., Ltd. has ever been awarded by honor for many times. Now the company has found its place in the competitive market.
  • Yusheng Gu
  • Vice President, General Manager, Executive Member
  • Jiefu Corporation, Guizhou Dongfeng Mining Group Co., Ltd., China’s Flame Retardant Society
  • Gu Yusheng was First Secretary of Party General Branch, assistant mine manager, minister of safety & environmental protection ministry and board director of Human Chenzhou Mining Co., Ltd., executive director and general manager of Changde Chenzhou Antimony Co., Ltd., general manager of Hunan Zhongnan Antimony & Tungsten Import and Export Co., Ltd. as well as general manager assistant of Hunan Times Mining Machinery Co., Ltd during 1979-2012. He has been vice president of Shenzhen Jeff Industry Group Co., Ltd. and general manager of Guizhou Dongfeng Mining Group Co., Ltd. since February, 2012 as well as executive member of China’s Flame Retardant Society since 2004.