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May 15-17, 2013 New York, USA

Rare Earth Summit 2013

March 18-20, 2013 Chengdu, China

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May 9-11, 2012 San Francisco, USA

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March 21-23, 2012 Ningbo, China

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April 22-23, 2010 Beijing, China
Qing Xiu Mountain
Qing Xiu Mountain Scenic Spot is located on Yongjiang riverside, in southeast Nanning and about 9km away from the downtown. Main peak is 189m high. Qingxiu Mountain has been a famous summer resort and tourist attraction since ancient time.
Qing Xiu Mountain Scenic Spot is made up of 18 small and big mountains including Qingshan Mountain and Phoenix Mountain, with altitude of 82-189m. There are many new scenic spots in Qing Xiu Mountain except the protected and repaired historic sites such as Dong Spring, Propylite Rock Carving and Shixiang Stove. For instance, Thailand Park, designed by architects from Thailand, is characterized by Thai style and features, which allows tourists to experience exoticness by themselves. Longxiang Tower, standing on the top of Qingxiu Mountain, is identified as the symbol of Qingxiu Mountain, which was founded in Wanli, Ming Dynasty as the highest tower in Guangxi. 10-20-mile scene, even a clear view of Nanning can be seen at the top of Longxiang Tower.
Qing Xiu Mountain Scenic Spot was built in Sui and Tang Dynasties, reached its height in Mining Dynasty and fell into oblivion late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. The 8 sites have fallen into disuse due to long-term dilapidation and have been forgotten, except the historic sites and various fairy tales still spreading among people. Chinese government started to pay attention to scenic spot construction after liberation. Many sites were rebuilt firstly including Longxiang Tower, Tower Reflection of Tianchi, Dong Pavilion and Wangjiang Pavilion tourist regions, with more than 500mu of area. Longxiang Tower is more than 60m high with 9 layers. Full view of Nanning can be seen at the top of Longxiang Tower, with magnificent and refreshed emotion. 23 new sites have been built including Buyun Gate, Yuntian Pavilion, Tower Reflection Tianchi, Peach Island, Qingxiu Mountain House, Friendship Corridor, Magpie Pavilion, Champion Scholar Spring, Lotus Pond, Haohao Pavilion and Ancient Path. Buyun Gate is like a fairyland while Yuntian Pavilion a paradise.
Two huge artificial lakes of Tianchi and Jade Pool on the mountainside are in harmony with verdant trees among the mountain. Tianchi covers an area of 15,000m2 with 2-3m of water depth, and shimmering water in the pool reflects pines, cypresses, blue sky and white cloud. Jade Pool is on the east of Triratna Buddha, a Buddhist temple with three gods, including Luojia, goddess of the Zhuang nationality, Britto, goddess of intelligence and Buber, god of braveness. 59 statues of the Queen of Heaven are standing in the pool which covers an area of 5,000m2, and a lifelike anaglyph picture of the Eight Immortals gathering in the Jade Pool is engraved on granite bluestone on the east bank of the pool.
The most attractive scenic spot is subtropics botanic garden with newly cultivated sago cycas, palmery and rainforest among Qingxiu Mountain. Sago cycas is a kind of plant as old as dinosaurs which emerged 200 million years ago, and it is listed as the First Grade State Protection plant by Chinese government as it is the oldest plant in the world.
Many historical sites in dynasties of Ming and Qing as well as inscriptions left by celebrities and literati can be found in Qingxiu Mountain and are welcomed by tourists for sightseeing tour and seeking for monuments or quiet places. Sightseeing cable cars are built in the mountain and will enable tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of lakes and mountains. The mountain is rated as one of the top ten scenic spots in Guangxi.