International market
The debt crisis in Europe performed a "roller coaster" type show over the past month. EU summit first launched lots of measures to deal with the debt crisis at the end of June, and shortly after the market was inspired, it found that EU summit’s agreement was difficult to implement. So the debt crisis continued to worsen and the EU was facing disintegration risks. With EU being China's largest export destination, China's economy would suffer from the biggest external shocks with steel export facing challenges.
Domestic market
After the government launched a 4 trillion investment plan in 2008, domestic steel market entered the era of collapse from 2009-2010 with insanely increasing raw materials prices. Capital chain problems began to reveal by the end of 2011 and steel market demand began to decline. Domestic steel mills essentially entered the era of little profit in 2012, leading to significant decline in iron ore demand with market prices running low.
The government advocated for “the keynote of making progress while ensuring stability based on expanding domestic demand and developing substantial economy while emphasizing more on steady growth” on the background of dim economy entering H2, 2012. Therefore, local governments issued investment policies. Could these policies pull up steel and raw material prices?
Asian Metal will work together with leading companies in the industry as well as professional researchers to analysis the above issues and to discuss the path for titanium industry to develop. The forum also aims to build an international communicating platform for raw material suppliers, trading companies, consumer enterprises, research institutes and financial organizations to participate, to exchange information and to obtain win-win cooperation.
●To understand the latest policy of iron ore industry for a better plan of future development
●To understand the industry trend and market trend of iron ore, to fully exchange ideas with both upstream and downstream enterprises as well as peer enterprises over market conditions.
●Get to know new partners through the unparalleled cooperating opportunities provided by the high-end summit full of elites
●Reserve human resources via industry experts and government officials for energy conservation and emissions reduction, and for industrial structure adjustment
●Interaction between iron ore bidding procurement department and enterprise provides iron ore enterprises with unlimited business opportunities
●Wonderful opportunities provided for vast logistics enterprises on the background of dim shipping market