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Both indium price and germanium price keep at a high level in H1 this year. Participants from investment industry and other industries pay more attention on the application of indium in OLED and research on germanium downstream products.
Will government departments publish new support policy for indium and germanium as government focuses on non-ferrous metal development in the twelfth five-year plan? Will further developments in the display panel and solar energy industry offer chance for indium and germanium industry? How will users at home and abroad deal with softening downstream demand when prices are dropping due to the economic uncertainties in Europe and US? Will producers of germanium downstream products help China gain bargaining leverage? Where does indium ingot market go in 2012 as recycled indium is widely applied and major buyers take position individually?
Asian Metal's forum for Indium and Germanium enjoys extensive good reputation and big attention from insiders. Asian Metal will try hard to make the conference into a rewarding experience.
Germanium industry development report
----Bao Wendong, President, Yunnan Lincang Xinyuan Germanium Industry Co., Ltd.
Demand and new trends in the Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) industry
---- Vermeiren Ludo, Supply Manager, Umicore Co., Ltd.
New trends in the CIGS solar energy industry
---- Ao Jianping, Photoelectronic Thin Films Devices and Techniques Institute of Nankai University, Professor
The demand of indium and the ITO industry in South Korea
---- Wang Yanju, Korea TSM Co., Ltd.
Trends in the infrared industry and its influences on the germanium market
---- Linus Zoller, President, Photonic Sense GmbH
The new and growing applications for Indium
----Kirk Johnson, Business Development, Indium Corporation
Indium in China: Resource situation and policy transformation
----Chen Jiabin, Doctor, Chinese Academy of Land & Resource Economics
Indium and germanium investment demand discovery
----Wang Biao, Vice President, The Fanya Metal Exchange
--Domestic and foreign producers and consumers
--Domestic and foreign traders
--Research institutes
--Industrial associations
--Financial institutions
--Chinese government officials
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Lunch 12:00 Riverside Restaurant
Sessions 14:30-17:00 Multi-Function Hall
Acknowledgement dinner held by Yunnan Germanium (Yunnan Lincang Xinyuan Germanium Industry Co., Ltd.) 18:00  
Apr. 13 One-day tour 08:00-16:00 Yunnan Nationalities Villages
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