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Refractories & Abrasives Summit 2011

Nov.2-4th Hangzhou, China

Minor Metals Summit 2011

Nov.9-11th Sanya, China

World Chromium Forum 2011

Nov.16-18th Chengdu, China

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The Euro zone sovereign debt problems continue to threaten the global recovery since 2010 and Chinese inflation is of a significant concern. The people's Bank of China raised interest rates on 7th July, which is the third rate hike this year, but China's CPI remains climbing up. Chinese and even global economies could be unraveled by uncertain exogenous factors but which also could exacerbate current domestic economic challenges.

And since the beginning of 2011, the fused alumina sector has remained largely sluggish and this is further compounded by rising production cost of raw material and electricity tariff. Also supply of brown fused alumina is superfluous to the demand. How can smelters find a solution to current challenges? As the largest producer of brown fused alumina, what strategy can China adopt to surmount current challenges and have breakthrough in future? What is the likely direction for fused alumina?

Bauxite: In 2011, export quotas of bauxite decreased by 100,000t, leading to most smelters having to suspend production and with the price of high-quality bauxite rising sharply. The questions being asked by stakeholders includes, but not limited to, what more challenges lie ahead for producers? Given that the WTO has found and complained about Chinese strategies of restricting the export of rare resources, how does their pronouncement impact on Chinese government policy and on bauxite exports? Will bauxite be in tight supply in the coming years?

Magnesia: Export prices of magnesia keep increasing in the first half-year of 2011, and then export market steps into sluggish situation with weak demand from overseas consumers. Will the price keep at the high level next year? As a major producer of magnesia, China plays an important role in the world. Facing the problem that WTO ruled against China’s restrictions over nine raw materials, will China change the policies on export quotas next year, and what impact will China bring the whole magnesia market? As high-quality magnesia becomes less and less...

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Analysis on Chinese Economy Hotspots and Outlook for 2012

---- Wang Xiaoguang, Director of Macroeconomic Research Academy, NDRC

Current Situation and Development Trend of Non-metalliferous Minerals Used in Refractory Industry

---- Wang Wenli, General Secretary, China Non-metalliferous Minerals Industry Association

QMAG Magnesia Market and Applications

---- Bruce Xu, North and Southeast Asia Marketing Manager Queensland Magnesite Company

Development and Technological advance for Chinese fettling Magnesite grain

---- Wei Tong, Senior Engineer, Coking and Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation,MCC

World Global Resources for Magnesite and How Rest of World Has Reacted to Chinese Export Restrictions

---- Dr. Ian Wilson, UK Consultant, Ian Wilson Consulting Ltd.

Comprehensive Utilization of Magnesia Products

---- Zhao Zhenli, Vice General Manager, Hartley(Haicheng) Magnesite Co., Ltd.

New Technology: Zero Emission Will Come True in Smelting Silicon Carbide

---- Jia Yudong, General Engineer of Gansu Jiangang SiC Co.,Ltd.

Analisis and Outlook for Calcined Bauxite Market

---- Wu Hongwei General Manager of Taishan Minerals Co.

Fused Alumina Enterprises' Current Development Situation And Prospects Under New Situation

---- Xu Bingxun, General Manager, San Menxia MingZhu Electric Smelting Co., Ltd

Brown Fused Alumina Production Should Depend On Science and Technology

---- Zhang Can, Chief Engineer of Guizhou Yunwu Abrasive Co., Ltd; General Secretary of Guizhou Brown Fused Alumina Association

Analysis and Avoiding of The Fire Resistant Product Quality Risk

---- Li Bing Marketing Manager of SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd.
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