Nov. 9

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Nov. 10

a.m. Summit Session

p.m. Summit Session

Nov. 11

Sanya Yanuoda Hylaea Sightseeing

Coneferences to be held

Refractories & Abrasives Summit 2011

Nov.2-4th Hangzhou, China

Minor Metals Summit 2011

Nov.9-11th Sanya, China

World Chromium Forum 2011

Nov.16-18th Chengdu, China

Hainan Sanya

Countries around the world have raised concerns about minor metals, however, the prices continued its rollercoaster ups and downs over the past few months. What will ultimately control the minor metals market: International situations, policy trends, supply and demand, financial capital or some other means? Do rising prices favor producers, allowing them to gain the initiative temporarily? Is it rational if prices experience a sudden drop? Asian Metal, founded in 2000, is a global information company, with leading positions and recognized brands in minor metals. Asian Metal previously held five successful minor metals summits over the past five years. The sixth minor metals summit will be held in Sanya, China during November 9 and 11. The summit will include unique presentations from both government and private industry leaders, including an investment panel comprised of the top analysts and institutional investors.

The Impact of China 12th Five-year Plan on Minor Metals and Prospect

----Dr Li Ruijun, Chinese Academy of Land & Resource Economics

Panel Display and Indium Industry Development

----Long Hanbing, Researcher, Electronic information Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People Republic of China

Japanese Antimony Market--Impact by the Tohoku Earthquake to Japanese economy

----Kohei Yamada, Director of Antimony Department, Advanced Material Japan Corporation

High Purity Polysilicon and Germanium Metal: New Generation for Nanotechnology

----Vladimir Vorotyntsev, Manager, HORST Corporation ; Professor, R.Y.Alekseev Nizhny Novgorod State Technical Universty

Tellurium Resources and CdTe Thin Film Solar Industry Development and International Application Frontier

---- Dr. Jingong Pan, General Manager, Apollo Solar Energy Inc. ; Vice President, Solar Energy Research Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Cobalt Market Review in 2011 and Prospect for 2012

---Joy Kong, Analyst, Asian Metal

Selenium Market Development and Trend in 2011

---- Victor Hoo, Senior Analyst, Asian Metal
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