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  • Pangang Panzhihua Metal Products Company produces over 10,000t of high-strength steel for 82B products

    2020-09-29 11:37:05   【Print】
    It was said that Ansteel Group Pangang Panzhihua Metal Products Compnay took many measures to release the capacity of high-strength steel for 82B products and produced 11,867t in August, breaking the record of 10,000t for the first time.

    The high-strength steel for 82B products is the significant raw material for production of low relaxation pre-stressed steel wire and steel strand, which are widely used in many important fields, such as highway, railway, bridges, electric power, construction, hydraulics and environmental protection. Demand for this kind of steel is large in market and the added value is high.
    .Asian Metal Copyright Demand for this kind of steel is large in market and the added value is high.Asian Metal Copyright
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