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Monthly Rare Earth Market Report Mar 2020

2020-04-10 20:59:24   【Print】
The following is a brief synopsis of the report. Your access is restricted as it is a subscription based service.
Please contact us for a subscription.

1. Market Highlights· 3

2. Economy and Policy· 3

2.1Exchange rate of US dollar against Chinese Yuan in November declines by 235points MOM·· 3

3. Market Movements· 3

3.1Domestic Market Trend Review·· 3

3.1.1 Chinese PrNd oxide and mischmetalmarkets· 3

3.1.2 Chinese neodymium oxide and metalmarkets· 3

3.1.3Chinese praseodymium oxide market 4

3.1.4 Chinese dysprosium oxide andferrodysprosium markets· 4

3.1.5 Chinese terbium oxide and metal markets· 4

3.1.6 Chinese cerium oxide market 5

3.1.7 Chinese lanthanum oxide market 5

3.1.8 Chinese europium oxide market 5

3.1.9 Chinese yttrium oxide market 6

3.2 International Market Review·· 6

3.2.1 Chinese neodymium metal export market 6

3.2.2 Chinese ferrodysprosium export market 6

3.2.3 Chinese lanthanum oxide export market 6

3.2.4 European praseodymium oxide market 7

3.2.5 European cerium oxide market 7

4. Company News (Top 10) 7

4.1Zhenghai Magnet plans to raise no more than RMB1.025 billion· 7

4.3Ningbo Jinji Strong Magnetic's rough NdFeB magnet output to up by 1.83 times· 7

4.4Alkane Resources gets Australian financial support to build rare earths mine· 8

4.5Arafura Resources to deliver PrNd and SEG concentrate samples to key customers· 8

4.6Jiangsu Shengchang to quit rare earth oxide market 8

4.7Oro Verde releases maiden resource estimate for Makuutu Rare Earths Project 8

4.8Commerce Resources works with Canmet MINING on Ashram Rare Earth Project'sbeneficiation test work· 8

4.9Lynas' PrNd production decreases by 22.4%·· 8

4.10Greenland Minerals on track to submit updated EIA for Kvanefjeld Project 8

5. Producers Statistics· 9

5.1China's PrNd oxide producers' statistics· 9

5.1.Asian Metal Copyrighth 3 08D0C9EA79F9BACE118C8200AA004BA90B02000000080000000D0000005F0054006F006300330037003400340034003200330032000000 3.Asian Metal Copyright1China's PrNd oxide producers' output in March 2020 up by 19.8% MOM·· 9

5.1.Asian Metal Copyright5Arafura Resources to deliver PrNd and SEG concentrate samples to key customers· PAGEREF _Toc37444253.Asian Metal Copyright2China's PrNd oxide producers' average operation rate in March 2020 up by 9.87%MOM·· 9

5.1.Asian Metal Copyright2 Chinese neodymium oxide and metalmarkets· PAGEREF _Toc37444235.Asian Metal Copyright3China's PrNd oxide producers' stocks in March 2020 climbs by 20.9% MOM·· 9

5.2China's dysprosium oxide producers' statistics· 9

5.2.Asian Metal Copyrighth 11 08D0C9EA79F9BACE118C8200AA004BA90B02000000080000000D0000005F0054006F006300330037003400340034003200380031000000 8.Asian Metal Copyright1China's dysprosium oxide major producers output in March 2020 soars up by 92.7%MOM·· 9

5.2.Asian Metal Copyrighth 10 08D0C9EA79F9BACE118C8200AA004BA90B02000000080000000D0000005F0054006F006300330037003400340034003200360039000000 6.Asian Metal Copyright2China's dysprosium oxide major producers' operation rate in March 2020 up by14.34% MOM·· 10

5.2.Asian Metal Copyright1China's PrNd oxide producers' output in March 2020 up by 19.Asian Metal Copyright3China's dysprosium oxide major producers' stocks in March 2020 up by 1.8% MOM·· 10

6. Customs Statistics (January and February 2020) 10

6.1China's rare earth export volume in January and February 2020 down by 17.3% YOY· 10

6.2China's rare earth average export price in January and February 2020 down by30% YOY· 10

7. Relevant Industry News· 10

7.1 NdFeB Magnet industry· 10

7.2 Rare earth phosphors industry· 10

7. Market Outlook for Next Month· 11

8.1 Price trend for PrNd oxide· 11

8.2 Price trend for PrNd mischmetal 11

8.3 Price trend for neodymium oxide· 11

8.4 Price trend for neodymium metal 11

8.5 Price trend for praseodymium oxide· 11

8.6 Price trend for dysprosium oxide· 11

8.7 Price trend for ferrodysprosium·· 11

8.8 Price trend for terbium oxide· 11

8.9 Price trend for terbium metal 11

8.10 Price trend for cerium oxide· 11

8.11 Price trend for lanthanum oxide· 11

8.12 Price trend for europium oxide· 11

8.13 Price trend for yttrium oxide· 11

8.14 Export price trend for Chinese neodymiummetal 11

8.15 Export price trend for Chineseferrodysprosium·· 11

8.16 Export price trend for Chinese lanthanumoxide· 12

8.17 Price trend for praseodymium oxideprices in European market 12

8.18 Export price trend for cerium oxide prices in European market 12.Asian Metal Copyrighth 11 08D0C9EA79F9BACE118C8200AA004BA90B02000000080000000D0000005F0054006F006300330037003400340034003200380034000000 8.Asian Metal Copyright