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Monthly Aluminum Market Report Nov 2019

2019-12-16 18:06:55   【Print】
The following is a brief synopsis of the report. Your access is restricted as it is a subscription based service.
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1 Market Highlights

1.1 Bauxite

Prices for Chinese origin bauxite remained stable in November. The production reduction of alumina plants weakened the demand for bauxite, which blocked the increase of bauxite prices.

With the falling of sea freight, prices for some bauxite imported from countries such as Indonesia and Guineas declined accordingly. Most large alumina plants in inland China have completed stock replenishment for winter one after another.

1.2 Aluminum fluoride

In November, most domestic aluminum fluoride plants continued to maintain high operating rate, leading to oversupply and consecutive decline in prices that broke the cost line late this month. Some consumers in India and the Middle East began to send enquiry to Chinese market.

1.3 Alumina

As prices for imported alumina were lower than those for domestic alumina, prices for Chinese alumina dropped further under pressure this month. Most buyers continue to wait on the sidelines and primary aluminum plants have no intention of reserving stocks temporarily, so the spot market remains quiet.

1.4 Primary aluminum

This month, prices for primary aluminum remained stable with fluctuation, downstream consumers were active in replenishing stocks and the social inventory of aluminum ingot declined steadily. Chinese primary aluminum plants generally saw good profitability and a slight increase in operating rates.

1.5 Secondary aluminum alloy

The demand for secondary aluminum alloy was still strong and increased slightly in November after the peak season in September and October, but the shortage of supply in the aluminum scrap market was not eased, resulting in a substantial increase in the price of aluminum alloy ingot ADC12.

.Asian Metal Copyright With the falling of sea freight, prices for some bauxite imported from countries such as Indonesia and Guineas declined accordingly.Asian Metal Copyright