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Timah to export 30,000t of tin in 2017

2017-02-15 17:42:29  【Print】
PT Timah Tbk plans to export 30,000t of tin in 2017, up compared with those in 2016.

The company’s secretary, Try Sutrisno, said, “We believe that we can realize our target for tin export in 2017 as international and domestic political conditions exert very limited effects on tin export.”

The source explained that tin exports from the company declined in 2016 due to the adjustment of the 33rd trade ministers regulation in 2015. The company exported about 21,000t of tin in 2016and expects to export 30,000t of the material in 2017.

The source stated the regulation limits metal exports, resulting in fewer tin exports in 2016 as exporters must own clean letter of credit, register pure tin bar exporter and sell in BKDI. The source said, Indonesia exported about 60,000-65,000t of tin in 216 since the regulation took effects.

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