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Silicon Carbide Market Report September 2016

2016-10-28 14:15:16   【Print】
The following is a brief synopsis of the report. Your access is restricted as it is a subscription based service.
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Introduction 3
1 International market review 3
1.1 Chinese silicon carbide export market review 3
1.2 European silicon carbide export market review 4
1.3 American silicon carbide export market review 4
2. Chinese market review 5
2.1 Chinese black silicon carbide market sees poor transactions in September 5
2.2 Green silicon carbide market in September 6
3 Monthly output for Chinese silicon carbide 6
3.1 China’s black silicon carbide output down by 9.4% MOM in September 6
3.2 China’s green silicon carbide output down by 14.2% MOM in September 7
4 Import and export data for Chinese silicon carbide 8
4.1 Chinese silicon carbide exports down by 11.1% MOM in August 8
5 Company news 9
5.1 Hexing Metallurgy reduces black silicon carbide 9
5.2 Ningxia Longding suspends black silicon carbide production 9
5.3 Xinjiang Yifeng’s inventory increases 9
5.4 Yutong Xinghe stops production of green silicon carbide 10
6 Related Industry developments 10
7 Outlook for October 10

Graph 1 FOB price trend for Chinese black silicon carbide 88%min, 0-10mm (USD/t) 4
Graph 2 Black silicon carbide 88%min price movement on the European market (EUR/t, CIF Europe) 4
Graph 3 Black silicon carbide 88%min, 0-10mm price movement on the American market (USD/t, CIF America) 5
Graph 4 Black silicon carbide 88%min 0-10mm price movement in Tianjin port (RMB/t) 5
Graph 5 Black silicon carbide 98%min, F16-100 price movement on the Chinese domestic market (RMB/t, ex works) 6
Graph 6 Price trend for Chinese green silicon carbide 98%min JIS1500 (RMB/t, ex works) 6
Graph 7 China's black silicon carbide output statistics by month (unit: tonne) 7
Graph 8 China's black silicon carbide monthly output statistics by province (unit: tonne) 7
Graph 9China’s green silicon carbide output by month 8
Graph 10Chinese producers’ green silicon carbide output by month and region 8
Graph 11 China’s exports of silicon carbide by month (unit: ton) 8
Graph 12 Major importers of Chinese silicon carbide and their monthly imports (unit: tonnes) 9

Table 1 Top 10 Chinese exporters of silicon carbide during August (unit: tonnes) 9

.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese silicon carbide export market review 3 1.Asian Metal Copyright