• Tin Solder Bar Sn 40%min, Pb 59%max EXW China(6)  01-20|Nickel Cathode 99.96%min EXW China(5000)  01-20|Ferro-chrome Cr 60%min, C 0.1%max In warehouse Pittsburgh(0.09)  01-20|Terbium Oxide 99.99%min FOB China(55)  01-20|Iron Ore Fine Australian 62%min CNF China(3.5)  01-20|Nickel Cathode Norilsk 99.96%min In port China(4500)  01-20|Alumina 98.5%min EXW China(80)  01-20|Arsenic Metal 99%min EXW China(-250)  01-20|Tin Solder Bar Sn 60%min, Pb 39%max EXW China(6)  01-20|Arsenic Trioxide 99%min EXW China (-100)  01-20|Alumina Australian 98.5%min In port China(80)  01-20|Thermal Coal Q:5500 In port Qinhuangdao(25)  01-20|Tin Conc. 60%min Delivered China(8000)  01-20|Nickel Sulfate Ni 22%min; Co 0.05%max EXW China(1000)  01-20
  • JSW Steel's crude steel output reaches 4.1 million tons in Jul-Sep

    2021-10-25 17:38:19   【Print】
    According to JSW Steel's report released on 21 October, they produced 4.Asian Metal Copyright .Asian Metal Copyright1 million tons of crude steel in July-September, unchanged MoM and up by 6% YoY.

    During the same period, the sales volume of its commercial steel was 3.79 million tons, up by 5% MoM; the exports volume of commercial steel rose by 26% MoM due to the limited domestic demand caused by rainy season.

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