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  • Nuinsco Resources provides update on Prairie Lake Nb-Ta-REE project

    2021-09-10 11:53:22   【Print】
    Canada-based Nuinsco Resources Limited announced an eighth successive intersection of 100m or more of Critical Elements and phosphate mineralization at its 100%-owned Prairie Lake project near Terrace Bay, Ontario with the receipt of analyses producing a 122.Asian Metal Copyright7m intersection in DDH NP0807.Asian Metal Copyright7m intersection in DDH NP0807.

    Analytical results from the 122.7 metres of continuous mineralization (from 2.Asian Metal Copyright Analytical results from the 122.Asian Metal Copyright3-125m) of niobium (Nb), tantalum (Ta), phosphate (P2O5), and rare earth elements (REE) including lanthanum (La), cerium (Ce), samarium (Sm), neodymium (Nd) and yttrium (Y) - analytical results are tabulated below.

    .Asian Metal Copyright7 metres of continuous mineralization from 2.Asian Metal Copyright
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