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  • Monthly Nickel Market Report Jul 2021

    2021-08-16 18:42:16   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights 3
    2. Economy and Policy 3
    2.1 Central bank announces a 0.5 percentage point reduction in RRR On July 15th 3
    2.2 MIIT to ensure supply of bulk commodities and stabilize prices 3
    2.3 NDRC holds national price work conference 3
    3. Market Movement 3
    3.1 Chinese Market Movements 3
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright Market Movement 3 3.Asian Metal Copyright1 Chinese nickel cathode 99.96%min EXW China 3
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright5%min EXW China 11 8.Asian Metal Copyright2 Norilsk nickel cathode 99.96%min Chinese port 3
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright1.Asian Metal Copyright3 Nickel sulfate Ni22%minCo 0.4%max delivered China 3
    3.1.4 Electroplating grade nickel sulfate EXW China 4
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright1 LME nickel prices up 5 3.Asian Metal Copyright5 Lateritic nickel ore 1.5%min prices Chinese port 4
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright3 AM Stats: Chinese ferronickel producers' operating rate down by 16.Asian Metal Copyright6 Philippine lateritic nickel ore 1.8%min Chinese port 4
    3.1.7 Ferronickel 10%min EXW China 4
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright6 Low grade ferronickel 1.Asian Metal Copyright8 Ferronickel 1.5%min EXW China 5
    3.2 International Market Movements 5
    3.2.1 LME nickel prices up 5
    3.2.2 Imported lateritic nickel ore prices CIF China 5
    3.2.Asian Metal Copyright5%min CIF China 11 8.Asian Metal Copyright3 Philippine lateritic nickel ore 1.8%min CIF China 5
    4. Producers Statistics 6
    4.1 Luoyang Longmen Ferro-Alloy Factory (Thailand) Company launches commercial production of nickel sulfate 6
    4.2 Qinghe Shuang Zhenxing suspends electroplating alloy production 6
    4.3 Legend Mining reports assay results from Rockford Ni-Cu-Co Project 6
    4.4 Perenti Global finalises Savannah Nickel Project contract 6
    4.5 Vale reviews guidance for copper and nickel output 6
    4.6 Xinxiang Chuangjia Electronic Material stops production of nickel sulfate 6
    4.7 Ronbay Technology gets long-term purchasing order for high-nickel NCM cathode material from Farasis Energy 6
    4.8 Corazon Mining to acquire Miriam Nickel Sulphide Project in Western Australia 7
    4.9 Inner Mongolia (Naiman) Jing'an Non-Ferrous Metals' ferronickel project puts first production line into operation 7
    4.10 BHP signs nickel supply agreement with Tesla 7
    5. Producers Statistics 7
    5.1 AM Stats: Chinese refined nickel producers' operating rate down by 11.42% MOM in Jul 7
    5.2 AM Stats: Chinese nickel sulfate producers' operating rate up by 9.63% YOY in Jul 7
    5.3 AM Stats: Chinese ferronickel producers' operating rate down by 16.86% YOY in Jul 8
    6. Import and Export Statistics 10
    6.1 China's ferronickel imports down by 9.3% MOM in Jun 10
    6.2 China's nickel sulfate imports up by 1,399.98% YOY in Jun 10
    7. Industry Movements 10
    7.1 NCM and power battery market 10
    7.2 Stainless steel market 10
    8. Market Outlook for Next Month 11
    8.1 Chinese brand nickel cathode EXW China 11
    8.2 Norislk Nickel Cathode 99.96%min Chinese port 11
    8.3 Battery grade nickel sulfate Ni22%minCo 0.4%max 11
    8.4 Electroplating grade nickel sulfate Ni22%minCo 0.05%max EXW China 11
    8.5 High grade ferronickel 10%min EXW China 11
    8.6 Low grade ferronickel 1.5%min EXW China 11
    8.7 Philippine middle grade lateritic nickel ore 1.5%min spot material Chinese port 11
    8.9 Philippine middle grade lateritic nickel ore 1.5%min CIF China 11
    8.10 Philippine high grade lateritic nickel ore 1.8%min CIF China 11

    .Asian Metal Copyright8%min CIF China 5 4.Asian Metal Copyright
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