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  • Zhangyuan Tungsten announces long-term quotations for first half of Dec 2019

    2019-12-10 17:19:37   【Print】
    Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co.Asian Metal Copyright Scheelite WO3≥55%: RMB83,500standard ton USD11,864standard ton; 3.Asian Metal Copyright, Ltd. recently announced its quotations for long-term orders for the first half of December 2019, including:

    1. Wolframite (WO3≥55%): RMB85,000/standard ton (USD12,077 /standard ton);

    2. Scheelite (WO3≥55%): RMB83,500/standard ton (USD11,864/standard ton);

    3. Ammonium paratungstate (national standard, zero grade): RMB133,500/t (USD18,969/t).

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